2016 Environmental Report

The ICAO Environmental Report 2016 is the Organization’s opportunity to share information on the progress made over the last three years across key areas of ICAO’s environmental protection activities. This fourth edition builds on the success of the past reports. This compendium of technical and scientific articles informs the public of the work of the ICAO Secretariat, ICAO Member States and the many other stakeholders involved. As such, it is considered as the reference document in the area of international aviation and the environment and captures all main developments in this field.


The ICAO Environmental Report 2016 presents the work of the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), which involves more than 600 internationally recognized experts, in areas such as noise, air quality, climate change but also aircraft end-of-life and recycling and climate change adaptation. This report also showcases the importance of partnerships, should it be in the context of assistance and capacity-building projects, with international bodies or with UN organizations.


In this edition, concrete case studies have been added to illustrate the quantified benefits of the mitigation actions developed and supported by ICAO. Major steps have been taken since the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly in 2013 to equip States with the tools needed to pave the way for an environmentally sustainable future, and some initiatives are already bearing fruit.


ICAO Environmental Report 2016.pdf ICAO Environmental Report 2016.pdf



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