Noise Technology Goals

To foster technology development, ICAO regularly sets technology goals, with the purpose of providing stretch yet reasonable targets for industry R&D to aim at, in cooperation with States. These ICAO technology goals are developed by panels of independent experts, which ensure transparency and involvement from all stakeholders.

Independent Expert Reviews specifically focused on noise were delivered in 2010 and 2012, as registered in the following ICAO Docs:

  • ICAO Doc 9943 (2010) - Report To CAEP By The CAEP Noise Technology Independent Expert Panel: Aircraft Noise Technology Review And Medium And Long Term Noise Reduction Goals
  • ICAO Doc 10017 Report by the Second CAEP Noise Technology Independent Expert Panel.  Novel Aircraft-Noise Technology Review and Medium- and Long-Term Noise Reduction Goals (English-only publication)

The latest set of noise goals is detailed in the ICAO Doc 10127 - Independent Expert Integrated Technology Goals Assessment and Review for Engines and Aircraft (2019). This was the first time that ICAO developed technology goals for noise, local air quality and CO2 emissions in an integrated manner, with full consideration of the interdependencies between the technologies. More details on these goals are provided here.





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