Environmental issues relating to airport operations such as air and water quality, land management, noise, and climate change, has required States to respond with sound policies, plans and procedures. These include both voluntary and regulatory measures to achieve a balanced approach to environmental management. The compatibility of an airport with its environs can be achieved by proper planning of the airport, management of polluting-generating sources, and land-use planning of the area surrounding the airport.

ICAO have responded to these challenges through various initiatives:

ICAO CAEP Working Group 2 – Airports and Operations

CAEP WG2 has focused its work on the environmental aspects of airports and operations over the past 25 years. More details on CAEP and WG2 can be found here.

Eco Airport e-collection

ICAO also fosters the exchange of information on best practices for Green Airports, covering such subjects as smart buildings, renewable energy, green mobility, climate change resilience resource and biodiversity protection, community engagement and sustainability reporting, with the aim of sharing and harmonizing best practices amongst airports. In that regard, ICAO has developed practical and ready-to-use information to support the planning and implementation of airport infrastructure projects. This is contained in the Eco-Airport e-collection under the form of a series of short publications. More details on the Eco-Airport e-collection can be found here.

Environmental Management, air quality and climate change mitigation at airports

As emerging issues require action, specific guidance material is developed by ICAO to identify, measure, and respond.

The ICAO Doc 10031 "Guidance on Environmental Assessment of Proposed Air Traffic Management Operational Changes" provide States, airport operators, air navigation service providers (ANSP) and other stakeholders with environmental assessment guidance to support decision making when analysing proposed air traffic management (ATM) operational changes.

The ICAO Doc 9184 – Airport Planning Manual – Part 2, Land Use and Environmental Management has formed the foundation on which proposed and operational airports can plan and manage the environment.

Additionally, air quality and climate change impacts are addressed in Doc. 10013 – Operational Opportunities to Reduce fuel Burn and Emissions and Doc. 9889 - Airport Air Quality Manual.

Balanced approach to aircraft noise Management

Airports are key stakeholders to improve practices on the ground.  ICAO Doc. 9829 – Guidance Approach on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management encompasses four principal elements: reduction of noise at source; land use planning and management; noise abatement operational procedures; and, operating restrictions on aircraft. More details on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management can be found here.



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