Environmental Assessment

​Guidance on Environmental Assessment of Proposed Air Traffic Management Operational Changes


The purpose of Doc 10031 is to provide States, airport operators, air navigation service providers (ANSP) and other stakeholders with environmental assessment guidance to support decision making when analysing proposed air traffic management (ATM) operational changes. The guidance provides high-level environmental assessment principles intended to facilitate the use of a consistent approach for assessing the environmental impacts of operational changes.


ICAO has developed this dedicated web page where a variety of environmental assessment case studies are posted. The case studies demonstrate application of the Doc 10031 methodology. Readers are also invited to submit their own case studies via this web page. Case studies should be submitted using the form available here.


Please download the form and return by email to: env@icao.int



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CaseStudy-Canberra-ITAR-Australia.pdfAustralia: Canberra Airport ITAR (Implementation of Terminal Area RNP - AR)January 2013  
WG2-ASBU-Case-study.pdfCAEP WG2 ASBU Task Group Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) AnalysisJuly 2015 
CaseStudy-1_ILS-increase-France.pdfFrance: ILS Interception Altitude Increase in Paris area2008-2011 
CaseStudy-2_GNSS-procedure-France.pdfFrance: new GNSS procedure QFU 30 at Nevers Airport2009-2012 
Germany-FRAMaK-case-study.pdfGermany: FRAMaK case studyJuly 2015 
Italian-Airspace-Reorganization-CaseStudy.pdfItaly: Italian Airspace ReorganizationFebruary 2014 
LAMP-1a-Environmental Assessment.pdfNATS - London Airspace Management Project (LAMP)6 November 2015 
CaseStudy-SESAR-AireII-Sweden.pdfSweden: SESAR  AIREII:VINGA Validation and implementation of next generation airspaceNovember 2011  
CaseStudy-SESAROperationalFocus-UK.pdfUnited Kingdom: SESAR Operational Focus Area: Full implementation of P-RNAV in TMAFebruary 2012 
US-FAA-NextGen-Greener-Skies-over-Seattle- Case-study.pdfUS FAA NextGen Greener Skies over Seattle20 October 2015 

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