Climate Change : Financing

Climate financing is one of the key elements of the international discussions addressing climate change in the medium and long term. 

ICAO Resolution A41-21 includes various requests related to the financing of projects contributing to the decarbonisation of aviation (paragraphs 18 a), 18b), 28d). These requests are being pursued by ICAO in various fronts.

Guidance Material

This guidance, developed under the ICAO-UNDP Project "Transforming the global aviation sector: emissions reductions from international aviation", informs ICAO Member States on how to finance renewable energy projects to reduce CO2 emissions from international aviation activities.

ICAO Coordination with Financial institutions

ICAO has organised workshops and initial discussions with over 30 public and private financing institutions and foundations. On March 28th 2023, the ICAO Council also held an informal meeting with high-level representatives from international financing institutions (IFIs).

In the context of the ICAO ACT-SAF Programme, ICAO is connecting with financial institutions across all regions with the objectives to:

1.Raise awareness of financial institutions on the role of SAF to achieve the LTAG, and on the interest of aviation/fuel industries for immediate and massive SAF scale-up;

2.Inform financial institutions of the significant investments needs to scale-up SAF production capacity across all regions, in particular for developing countries.

3.Explore financial institutions' existing or future financing instruments to support SAF deployment and inform financing institutions of ways in which they can best contribute to SAF deployment.

Ongoing activities

  • Exploration of collaborations with financial institutions, exchanging information on current projects, in order to facilitate new initiatives.

  • Council dialogues with public and private IFIs 

  • Participation and contribution of Financial institutions to ACT-SAF activities and projects

  • Exploration of the establishment of a climate finance initiative or funding mechanism under ICAO (Assembly Resolution A41-21 18b).


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