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The ICAO Global Framework for Aviation Alternative Fuels (GFAAF) is a database that provides a variety of information related to aviation fuels, including over 600 news announcements dating back to 2005, details of past and ongoing projects, and facts and figures. ICAO continues to maintain this database, which was created as an outcome of the 2009 ICAO Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels. States and stakeholders are invited to share relevant information with ICAO for inclusion on the ICAO GFAAF by emailing officeenv@icao.int.



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Aviation Live Feed - Ongoing Alternative Fuel Purchase Agreements

This live feed is based on publically available information from airports and airlines involved in on-going alternative fuel purchase agreements. Due to the fuel blending procedures at these airports, it is not possible to determine the quantity of alternative fuel being used on any flight that appears on this live feed. The live feed displays all flights that comply with the following criteria:

Live Feed Key.PNGLiveFeedMap.PNG

Batches of fuel have also been delivered to several other airports. For more information about those initiatives, click to view a map of alternative fuel use at airports. ​ ​


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States and stakeholders are invited to send questions or information about their news, activities, and initiatives to officeenv@icao.int.

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