2019 Environmental Report


Over the past three years, the progress and pace of change in international aviation environmental protection has been unprecedented, driven by key decisions from ICAO Member States, technological progress and societal expectations. 

The ICAO Environmental Report 2019 is the result of ICAO efforts and consolidates this progress in a single reference publication, through various articles and case studies that can best inform the public of the work conducted by the ICAO Secretariat, ICAO Member States, aviation industry and the many other stakeholders involved in this fast evolving topic. 

The ICAO Environmental Report 2019 can be downloaded below.

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ICAO 2019 Environmental Report

Table of Contents

Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, President ICAO Council Message from the President of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council 
Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of ICAO Message from the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 
Mr. Boubacar Djibo, Director, Air Transport BureauMessage from the Director of the Air Transport Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 
Ms. Jane Hupe, Deputy Director EnvironmentThe Triennium in Review: Paving the Way to a Green Future
Chapter 1 Aviation and Environment Outlook
ICAO SecretariatCAEP 35th Anniversary
Gregg G. Fleming (US DOT Volpe) and Ivan de Lépinay (EASA)Environmental Trends in Aviation to 2050
Prof. Nick Cumpsty (Imperial College, London), Prof. Dimitri Mavris (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Dr. Michelle Kirby (Georgia Institute of Technology)Aviation and the Environment: Outlook
Chapter 2 Aircraft Noise 
ICAO Secretariat50 years of Annex 16 – the Special Meeting on Aircraft Noise in the Vicinity of Airports.
Victor Sparrow (Pennsylvania State University) and othersISG White Paper on Noise
Darren Rhodes (UK CAA) and Eric R. Boeker (US DOT)Recommended Method for Computing Noise Contours Around Airports – Recent Updates to ICAO Doc 9911
Mikhail O. KartyshevUsing Flight Data Recorder Data to Determine Aircraft Noise Levels in the Vicinity of Airports
ICCAIAStatus of Noise Research Aimed at Subsonic Transport Technology Solutions
Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)Aviation's Next Advance: Sustainable High-Speed Flight
Kevin Morris (ADS/ICCAIA)Operational Opportunities to Reduce Aircraft Noise
Truls GjestlandAircraft Noise Annoyance
Jonathan Bagg and Blake Cushnie (NAV CANADA)Stakeholder Engagement and Performance-Based Navigation as a Noise Mitigation Platform
Chapter 3 Local Air Quality
ICAO SecretariatIntroduction to LAQ
S. Daniel Jacob and Theo RindlisbacherThe Landing and Take-Off Particulate Matter Standards for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines.
Bethan Owen and Ralph IovinelliUpdate of ICAO's Airport Air Quality Manual (Doc 9889)
Chapter 4 Climate Change Mitigation: Technology and Operations
ICAO Secretariat
Introduction to the ICAO Basket of Measures to Mitigate Climate Change
ICCAIAAdvancing Technology Opportunities To Further Reduce CO2 Emissions
BoeingDemonstrating New Technologies to Advance the Sustainable Growth of Air Transport
ICAO SecretariatElectric, Hybrid, and Hydrogen Aircraft – State of Play
David BrainGlobal ASBU Environmental Benefits Assessment – To 2025
David Brain, EUROCONTROL and Nico Voorbach, CANSOICAO's Global Horizontal Flight Efficiency Analysis
David Brain And Marylin BastinThe Benefits Of CCO / CDO Operations – European Task Force Findings
Almira Ramadani
Redistribution of Necessary Delay in the US National Airspace System: Benefits from Trajectory-based Operations
Marina Bylinsky (ACI)Airport Carbon Accreditation – Empowering Airports to Reduce Their Emissions
Chapter 5 Climate Change Mitigation: Sustainable Aviation Fuels
ICAO SecretariatSustainable Aviation Fuels
Robert Boyd (IATA)Climate Change Mitigation
IBAC Kurt EdwardsBusiness Aviation and Sustainability: An Industry With a Good Story to Tell
Rolf Hogan / Hannah Walker (RSB)Preparing for take-off: RSB and the role of the standard in driving innovation and sustainability
Norbert Schmitz / Gernot Klepper (ISCC)CORSIA SAF Certification with ISCC – The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Scheme
ICCAIASustainable Aviation Fuels – Progress through Collaboration
Martin Struijker Boudier (SkyNRG)SkyNRG – Moving Toward a Sustainable Future for Aviation
ICAO SecretariatCapacity Building for CO2 Mitigation from International Aviation
Chapter 6 Climate Change Mitigation: CORSIA
ICAO SecretariatIntroduction to CORSIA
ICAO SecretariatACT-CORSIA: A Coordinated Approach for Assistance and Capacity-building on CORSIA
ICAO SecretariatCORSIA Eligible Emissions Units
ICAO SecretariatICAO CORSIA CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT)
ICAO SecretariatThe CORSIA Central Registry
ICAO SecretariatAn Overview of CORSIA Eligible Fuels (CEF).
Chikao Makino, International Accreditation ForumAssurance of the verified emission report though accreditation
Eva Weightman (IETA)CORSIA – En Route and On Time
Michel Adam (IATA)CORSIA: The Airlines' Perspective
Cuthbert Lungu (Zambia)Zambia's Climate Change Mitigation: Implementing the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation
Chinga Mazhetese (South Africa) Implementation of the ICAO ACT-CORSIA Initiative in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region
Chapter 7 Climate Change Adaptation 
ICAO Secretariat
International Civil Aviation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Rachel Burbidge (EUROCONTROL) and Andrea Freeburg (US FAA)Climate Adaptation Synthesis
Juliana Scavuzzi and Jeeyoon Jung (ACI)ACI Supports its Members Adapt to Climate Change and Become More Resilient
Mr. Sebastien Lacoin (Kansai Airport)Climate Change Resilience Strategy – Redefining Flood Protection At Kansai International Airport
Ms. Ulku Ozeren (IGA)Istanbul Airport: Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan
Chapter 8 Towards a Circular Economy
ICAO SecretariatIntroduction to Circular Economy
Thomas Roeger (IATA) / Abdelghafar ElSayed (Egypt) / Amy Bann (ICCAIA)Best Practices and Standards in Aircraft End-of-Life and Recycling
Thomas Cuddy (US FAA) / Juliana Scavuzzi (ACI)The Eco Airport Toolkit e-collection
Denise Pronk (Schiphol Airport)  Smart and Sustainable Aviation in the Netherlands
Denise Pronk (Schiphol Airport)Circular Economy at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Rachel Thompson (London Gatwick Airport)Gatwick's Circular System for Becoming a Zero Waste Airport
Chapter 9 States' Action Plans and Capacity-building
ICAO Secretariat
Turning Policy Into Action
ICAO SecretariatThe ICAO-European Union Assistance Project on Capacity Building for CO2 Mitigation from International Aviation – A Success Story
ICAO SecretariatICAO-UNDP-GEF Capacity Building and Assistance Project
ICAO SecretariatICAO Tools to Support the State Action Plan Process
Larissa Pamela Dianga Nzengue (Gabon)Implementation of CCO/CDO procedures at the Libreville Léon Mba International Airport
Mazarin Mintsa (Aeroport du Cameroun)Solar-At-Gate Pilot Project – A Proven Energy-Saver
Juan Veras (Dominican Republic)Dominican Republic progress on emissions mitigation
Dorsa Sabeth-Rasekh (Panama)Panama's experience with the development of its State Action Plan
Chapter 10 Cooperation 
Message from Joyce Msuya
Message from Angela Gittens
Message from Simon Hocquard
Message from Alexandre de Juniac
ICCAIAMessage from Eric Fanning
ICSAMessage from Tim Johnson
IETAMessage from Dirk Forrister
ICAO Environmental PublicationsICAO Environmental Publications

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