Noise from Emerging Technology Aircraft

New innovative technologies and energy sources for aviation are under development in a fast pace, and ICAO is closely following up these developments to prepare for their timely environmental certification, as appropriate. In that regard, ICAO is maintaining the E-HAPI, a website with a non-extensive list of ongoing projects that have been identified globally.


Specifically on aircraft noise, ICAO is following up possible environmental issues from the operation of Emerging Technology Aircraft (ETA), including urban air mobility concepts, unmanned aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft. States and Stakeholders are invited to contact us at and share experiences in responding to these aircraft noise issues. This information will be consolidated as a potential best practice guidance for States.

Upcoming event - QuietDrones 2022, June 27-30, 2022

States and Stakeholder experiences


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Useful references:

ICAO Assembly resolution A40-17 Consolidated statement of continuing ICAO policies and practices related to environmental protection – General provisions, noise and local air quality

A40-WP/625 - Report Of The Executive Committee On Agenda Item 15

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