ICAO Buddy Partnerships on Environment

ICAO Environment has taken several actions to incorporate the ICAO "No Country Left Behind" concepts into its work. One such example is the establishment of the ICAO Buddy Partnerships. ICAO can facilitate the establishment of Buddy Partnerships on State Action Plans, CORSIA, and sustainable aviation fuels, as described below.


ICAO State Action Plan Buddy Programme

ICAO SAP Buddy Programme.jpgIn line with ICAO Resolution A39-2 Para 12, the ICAO State Action Plan Buddy Programme invites States that have already submitted their State Action Plan on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities to ICAO to partner with Member States that have not prepared their State Action Plans, in order to support those States. States that have not yet developed, or are in the process of developing, a State Action Plan are also invited to inform ICAO of their interest in being matched with a Supporting State through the Buddy Programme.


ICAO has developed a draft agreement of cooperation aiming to establish a model framework by which ICAO Member States can help other Member State(s) to prepare and submit a State Action Plan. It aims to facilitate the development of international cooperation among ICAO Member States.


States interested in participating in the ICAO State Action Plan Buddy Programme are invited to contact ICAO at actionplan@icao.int

List of State Action Plan Buddy Programme Partnerships

PartnersStatus of Action Plan ​ ​
State providing supportState receiving supportUnder developmentSubmitted to ICAOPosted on the ICAO website
BulgariaNorth Macedonia

Dominican RepublicPanamaXX
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)


ACT-CORSIA Buddy Partnerships

For more information on the ACT-CORSIA Buddy Partnerships, please visit the dedicated ACT-CORSIA Buddy Partnerships webpage.


Sustainable Aviation Fuel Buddy Partnerships

Through the ICAO-UNDP Project, ICAO published four feasibility studies on the implementation of sustainable aviation fuels. Building upon the success of these studies, during the first ICAO Stocktaking Seminar toward the 2050 Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFS2019), ICAO invited States and Organizations to indicate their interest in supporting or benefiting from potential future feasibility studies on sustainable aviation fuels. 


States and Organizations are invited to inform ICAO of their interest via email at officeenv@icao.int.


More information on sustainable aviation fuels is available from the Sustainable Aviation Fuels webpage.

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