Environmental Trends

The first ICAO Global Environmental Trends were presented and endorsed at the 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly (2010). Since then, updated global environment trends have been developed and presented to every Assembly Session to form the basis for their considerations and decisions on environmental matters. The establishment of the global environmental trends is crucial to the work of ICAO as it provides a robust single reference for sound discussion and decision-making.

The introductory presentation to the ICAO Environmental Trends provides an overview of the methodology, including modelling, assumptions, databases and tools.

The latest set of trends, including noise, local air quality (LAQ), and emissions that affect the global climate was delivered to the ICAO 41th Assembly (2022), as detailed in ICAO A41-WP/93 rev. A detailed description of the assumptions used to develop these trends are provided in the ICAO Environmental Report 2022.

Current and previous trend assessments are provided in the following ICAO Assembly WPs: 

Specific details on the trends for noise, LAQ and emissions that affect global climate are provided in the following pages:

The models and databases used by CAEP to develop the ICAO Global Environmental Trends are described here.
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