ICAO Assistance, Capacity-building and Training for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (ICAO ACT-SAF)

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On 1 June 2022,  the "ICAO Assistance, Capacity-building and Training for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (ACT-SAF) programme" was officially launched as a side event officially associated to Stockholm+50 to showcase ICAO's achievements and further efforts for decarbonizing aviation. The details and recording are available on the event's website .

The ICAO ACT-SAF programme creates opportunities for States to develop their full potential in SAF development and deployment, in line with the ICAO Global Framework for SAF, LCAF and other Aviation Cleaner Energies, adopted at the ICAO CAAF/3.

What is the purpose of ACT-SAF?

The programme aims to provide tailored support for States in various stages of SAF development and deployment, facilitate partnerships and cooperation on SAF initiatives under ICAO coordination and serve as a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing and recognition of all SAF initiatives around the globe.

ACT-SAF Feasibility Studies

As of November 2023, three Feasibility studies have been developed under the ACT-SAF programme, funded by the second phase of the ICAO-EU Project. These Studies follow the general structure and information provided in the ACT-SAF “Template for Feasibility Studies on Sustainable Aviation Fuels”, including:

 • information on the specific circumstances of the State, explaining the unique characteristics and factors that could affect the development and deployment of SAF in the State; 

• the identification of priority pathways for SAF production 

• information on implementation support and financing needed for the implementation of the priority pathways identified; and 

• recommendation of an action plan aligned with the State’s governmental policies related to the SAF development, with a focus on the priority pathways identified. 

The ACT-SAF template and guidance for the development of feasibility studies are provided below:

ACT-SAF Series
​Coordination with ACT-SAF partners identified that many States need conceptual training on SAF.  To address that, ICAO is developing the ACT-SAF Series of training sessions,  held on a monthly basis. 

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How ACT-SAF works?


1) Interested party* expresses interest in becoming an ACT-SAF Partner2) ICAO coordinates with the interested party the details of the offers and requests, and suggest possible projects3) Agreement is signed and projects defined** 4) ICAO connects ACT-SAF Partners 

Supporting State / Organization* can participate by providing experts and/or resources

Requesting State can participate by providing a focal point for coordination

Possible projects:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Training programmes
  • Support for SAF certification
  • Support for Policy implementation

The Agreement will contain:

Details on the cooperation terms, including the roles and responsibilities of ICAO and each participant

Criteria for connection

  • Matching expertise
  • Language, cultural and geographical aspects
  • Resources availability

* Possible participants of the ICAO's ACT-SAF programme include: ICAO Member States, Civil Aviation Authorities, State's fuel or energy-related authorities, aviation industry (manufacturers, operators), alternative and traditional fuels industry, academia, financial institutions (development banks, private banks, funds), civil society organizations and associations interested in aviation-related climate change action.
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How to become an ACT-SAF Partner?

You can become an ACT-SAF Partner by agreeing to the ACT-SAF Terms and Conditions. For those interested in further information, an e-mail can be sent to the Office of Environment (officeenv@icao.int). ICAO will schedule a meeting to discuss potential needs and/or contributions under ACT-SAF and further steps into the programme. 

Who is participating?

ICAO Member States, Organizations and Stakeholders are encouraged to become an ACT-SAF Partner. 

ICAO issued the State Letter ENV 9/1 – 22/56 (24/May/2022), which invited ICAO Member States to join the ICAO ACT-SAF .The States and Organizations that have expressed the intention to actively participate in ACT-SAF are listed in the ACT-SAF Platform.

ACT-SAF Newsletter

The latest information on ACT-SAF is provided on the ACT-SAF newsletters.

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