With the expected growth of international civil aviation, innovation is essential for the achievement of the ICAO environmental goals defined in the Assembly resolutions A41-20 and A41-21, and to support the aviation's contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ICAO is closely following Research and Development initiatives that may support these objectives. New innovative technologies and energy sources for aviation are under development at a fast pace, and a significant amount of work by ICAO will be required to keep pace with the timely environmental certification of such new technologies, as appropriate.

ICAO is constantly monitoring new technologies for conventional types of aircraft, including innovative fuels such as Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels, in terms of their potential environmental benefits, technical feasibility and economic reasonableness. ICAO is also monitoring the evolution of new propulsion concepts such as electric, hybrid and hydrogen by means of the E-HAPI (Electric and Hybrid Aircraft Platform for Innovation). ICAO is also fostering the outreach and  application of circular economy technologies in the aviation sector. More details on the ICAO initiatives on these topics are provided in the following pages:

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