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  • Noise Abatement Procedures: Review of Research, Development and Implementation Projects - Discussion of Survey Results, 2010 (Doc 9888)  


  • Airport Planning Manual
    Part 2 — Land Use and Environmental Control, (Doc 9184) 


  • Recommended Method for Computing Noise Contours around Airports
    (Doc 9911 replacing Cir 205) 


  • Economic Implications of Future Noise Restrictions on Subsonic Jet Aircraft (Circ 218) 


  • Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management (Doc 9829) 





Aircraft Engine Emissions





  • nvPM Che​cklist v1  -  A checklist has been developed by ICAO, through CAEP, to support engine manufacturers and certification authorities to verify compliance of the nvPM measurements with ICAO Annex 16 Volume II. 


  • Report of the Independent Experts on the Medium and Long Term Goals for Aviation Fuel Burn Reduction From Technology, 2010 (Doc 9963)  


  • Report of the Independent Experts to CAEP/8 on the Second NOx


  • Review and the Establishment of Medium and Long Term Technology Goals for NOx, 2010 (Doc 9953)  


  • Offsetting Emissions from the Aviation Sector, 2011 (Doc 9951)  


  • Report on Voluntary Emissions Trading for Aviation (VETS Report), 2010 (Doc 9950)


  • Scoping Study of Issues Related to Linking "Open" Emissions Trading Systems Involving International Aviation, 2011 (Doc 9949)  


  • Scoping Study on the Application of Emissions Trading and Offsets for Local Air Quality in Aviation, First edition, 2011(Doc 9948)  


  • Guidance on Aircraft Emission Charges Related to Local Air Quality (Doc 9884) 


  • Draft Guidance on the use of Emissions Trading for Aviation (Doc 9885) 


  • Independent Experts NOx Review and the Establishment of Medium and Long Term Technology Goals for NOx (Doc 9887) 



  • ​Airport Air Qu​ality Manual (Doc 9889) DISCLAIMER -​This document is an unedited, advance version of an ICAO publication as approved, in principle, by the Secretary General, which is made available for convenience. The final edited version may still undergo alterations in the process of editing. Consequently, ICAO accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind should the final text of this publication be at variance with that appearing here.


  • ICAO's Policies on Charges for Airports and Air Navigation Services (Doc 9082) 







Alternative Fuels













  • Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) Manual (Doc 9931) 


  • Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Aircraft Operations (OPS) (Doc 8168) 


  • Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems (Doc 9750) 




  • Operational Opportunities to Minimize Fuel Use and Reduce Emissions (Cir. 303) - Cancelled - Replaced by Doc 10013


  • Operational Opportunities to Reduce Fuel Burn and Emissions (Doc 10013)


  • Updated chapters of Circular 303, as approved by CAEP Steering Group 2010:



DISCLAIMER - These documents form the basis of a new manual which will update the corresponding information in the existing ICAO Circular 303. They may be refined when incorporated into the final manual.





  • ICAO Engine Exhaust Emissions Data Bank (Doc 9646)
    • Note: Doc 9646 was published in 1995 and contains information available as of October 1993. The Data Bank has since been further developed in electronic form and is accessible from this link.


  • ICAO Noise Data Bank (NoiseDB)
    • Note: The NoiseDB Data Bank has been developed in electronic form and is accessible from this link.





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ICAO Environmental Reports






ICAO Journals (PDF)


 Over the years, various editions of the ICAO Journal have focussed on civil aviation and the environment:
2006 to 2011 (PDF format)
January/February 2006,
Volume 66, No. 6, 2011.
Articles on specific environment-related topics also appear in the Journal from time to time.


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