CORSIA Implementation Elements

​The five ICAO CORSIA Implementation Elements listed below are reflected in 14 ICAO documents approved by the ICAO Council for publication. These ICAO documents are directly referenced in Annex 16, Volume IV and are essential for the implementation of the CORSIA.


Click on the links below to get more information on each of the ICAO CORSIA Implementation Elements and the corresponding ICAO documents.


​ICAO CORSIA Implementation Elements​ICAO documents

​CORSIA States for Chapter 3 State Pairs

​1. CORSIA States for Chapter 3 State Pairs

​ICAO CORSIA CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT)

2. ICAO CORSIA CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool

​CORSIA Eligible Fuels


​3. CORSIA Eligibility Framework and Requirements for Sustainability Certification Schemes
4. CORSIA Approved Sustainability Certification Schemes
5. CORSIA Sustainability Criteria for CORSIA Eligible Fuels
6. CORSIA Default Life Cycle Emissions Values for CORSIA Eligible Fuels
7. CORSIA Methodology for Calculating Actual Life Cycle Emissions Values

CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

​8. CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units
9. CORSIA Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria

CORSIA Central Registry (CCR)



​10. CORSIA Central Registry: Information and Data for the Implementation of CORSIA  
11. CORSIA Aeroplane Operator to State Attributions
12. CORSIA 2020 Emissions
13. CORSIA Annual Sector’s Growth Factor (SGF)
14. CORSIA Central Registry (CCR): Information and Data for Transparency


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