Model Regulations

​​​ICAO model regulations on CORSIA implementation


ICAO is working on the development of model regulations that aim to facilitate the establishment of a regulatory system for the CORSIA monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system in ICAO's Member States, in compliance with the Annex 16, Volume IV.


These model regulations will be provided for illustrative purposes and will not supersede or replace Annex 16, Volume IV. They will not be prescriptive, mandatory, or construed in any way as to pre-empt individual States' legal structures. The model regulations will not prejudge the form that the legislation will take as such a matter is for each State to decide in light of its domestic legislation.


ICAO Member States may use the model regulations as a reference and will be free to adapt them to their own specific needs, legislative style and norms to comply with CORSIA requirements.


Model Regulations for the Implementation of Annex 16, Volume IV will be available for download soon.​ 

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