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Spreadsheet for the aggregation of CO2 emissions

In the context of ACT-CORSIA Buddy Partnerships, a spreadsheet has been developed to assist with the aggregation of CO2 emissions data in preparation of uploading this information on the CORSIA Central Registry. This spreadsheet is meant for use by CORSIA Focal points of ICAO Member States that do not have any other means available to aggregate the CO2 emissions data that they receive from the aeroplane operators attributed to them.

The spreadsheet does not supersede or replace the reporting process described in Annex 16, Volume IV. The use of the spreadsheet is voluntary and must not be construed in any way as to pre-empt individual States' use of different software applications or other means for the aggregation of the data from aeroplane operators. Under their responsibility, CORSIA Focal points are free to use and adapt the spreadsheet to their own specific needs to comply with CORSIA reporting requirements.

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet.

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