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​​​​ICAO model regulations on CORSIA implementation

ICAO developed​ model regulations that aim to facilitate the establishment of a regulatory system for the CORSIA monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system by ICAO's Member States, in compliance with the Annex 16, Volume IV.

These model regulations are provided for illustrative purposes and do not supersede or replace Annex 16, Volume IV. They are not be prescriptive, mandatory, or construed in any way as to pre-empt individual States' legal structures. The model regulations do not prejudge the form that the legislation  takes as such a matter is for each State to decide in light of its domestic legislation.

ICAO Member States may use the model regulations as a reference and are free to adapt them to their own specific needs, legislative style and norms to comply with CORSIA requirements.

2023 version

In July 2023, ICAO made available the second (2023) version of training materials on the CORSIA model regulations, which expand the scope of the 2018 version (see below) to also include regulatory provisions relating to CORSIA offsetting requirements and the use of CORSIA eligible emissions units. Other changes include making the model regulations consistent with Assembly Resolution A41-22 and Amendment 1 to Annex 16, Volume IV, which will become applicable on 1 January 2024 as the second edition of Annex 16, Volume IV, as well as other minor editorial adjustments based on feedback received on the 2018 version. All changes, compared to the 2018 version, are shown in red font.

Presently, the 2023 version is available in English only. Click on this link to obtain a copy.

2018 version

In August 2018, ICAO made available the first (2018) version of training materials on the CORSIA model regulations. The scope of the 2018 version covers CORSIA's administrative requirements and MRV requirements including: Emissions Monitoring Plan and CO2 emissions monitoring requirements; reporting of CO2 emissions and Emissions Report, as well as verification requirements based on the first edition of Annex 16, Volume IV, which became applicable on 1 January 2019.

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