CORSIA Eligible Fuels

CORSIA allows aircraft operators to reduce its offsetting requirements through the use of CORSIA eligible fuels, which include CORSIA sustainable aviation fuels and CORSIA lower carbon aviation fuels.

The ICAO CORSIA Implementation Element "CORSIA eligible fuels" is reflected in five ICAO documents referenced in Annex 16, Volume IV. They are available for download below.

 *Sustainability Certification Schemes interested in being evaluated should follow the application process described here.

**The CORSIA Supporting Document “CORSIA Eligible Fuels - Life Cycle Assessment Methodology” provides technical information and describes ICAO processes to manage and maintain the ICAO document “CORSIA Default Life Cycle Emissions Values for CORSIA Eligible Fuels”, including the process to add new default values to this ICAO document.

The following chart illustrates the relation between these documents and the Annex 16 Vol. IV references.


Definitions (reference: Annex 16, Volume IV )

CORSIA eligible fuel. A CORSIA sustainable aviation fuel or a CORSIA lower carbon aviation fuel, which an operator may use to reduce their offsetting requirements. 
CORSIA lower carbon aviation fuel. A fossil-based aviation fuel that meets the CORSIA Sustainability Criteria under this Volume. 
CORSIA  sustainable  aviation  fuel.  A  renewable  or  waste-derived  aviation  fuel  that  meets  the  CORSIA  Sustainability Criteria under this Volume. 

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