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CORSIA SCS evaluation

In the context of the ICAO Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), an aeroplane operator can reduce its CORSIA offsetting requirements in a given year by claiming emissions reductions from the use of CORSIA Eligible Fuels (CEF).

In order to become eligible, such fuels shall come from fuel producers that are certified by a Sustainability Certification Scheme (SCS) approved by the ICAO Council to perform this certification. Such SCSs shall meet the requirements included in the ICAO document entitled "CORSIA Eligibility Framework and Requirements for Sustainability Certification Schemes". 

​CORSIA Eligibility Framework and Requirements for Sustainability Certification Schemes

Application process

Applications by SCSs will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. SCSs interested in being approved by the ICAO Council are invited to complete the following application form and send it by email to

Click here to download the SCS Application form (Version 3-September 2023)

Additional information may be requested during the evaluation process, which takes approximately six months. Any further questions on the application process can also be sent to

CORSIA Approved SCSs

SCSs approved by the ICAO Council are included in the ICAO document "CORSIA approved Sustainability Certification Schemes", available in the 
CORSIA Eligible Fuels website.

SCS annual reports to ICAO

Table 1 of the ICAO  document  "CORSIA Eligibility Framework and Requirements for Sustainability Certification Schemes" requires approved SCSs to submit an annual report to ICAO. 

Details on such report are provided in the Reporting requirements for SCS Annual Report to ICAO, which includes an Excel template for the provision of information.

The annual reports provided by the approved SCSs are below.

​2022 report
2022 report​
2023 report
2023 report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Flowcharts

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) providing additional clarifications of requirements is available here.

The following flowcharts illustrate the relation between the various entities involved with the sustainability certification of CORSIA Eligible Fuels (click to enlarge).


2020 Applications 

As of September 2020, ICAO received applications from two SCSs. Application details - except for the information labelled as business confidential - are provided in the links below.


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