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This page includes links to research articles, feasibility studies, and other documents related to aviation fuels, published by academic institutions, organizations, governments, and aviation companies. These resources are organized into the following categories: ICAO Publications, General Information, Economics, Policy, and Sustainability.


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ICAO Publications 

​Title / Link​Authors​Publication Date
​​Sustainable Aviation Fuels Guide - Version 2

​ICAO through the ICAO-UNDP Project, financed by GEF


Feasibility Study on the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Burkina Faso​

​ICAO through the ICAO-EU Project


Feasibility Study on the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Kenya

​ICAO through the ICAO-EU Project


Feasibility Study on the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Dominican Republic​

​ICAO through the ICAO-EU Project


Feasibility Study on the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Trinidad and Tobago​

​ICAO through the ICAO-EU Project



Approaches to the Sustainability of Alternative Fuels in Aviation



Overview of Biojet Fuels in 2014


​ICAO / IATA​2014

The Challenges for the Development and Deployment of Sustainable Alternative Fuels in Aviation


​ICAO's SUSTAF Expert Group​2013

Overview of Biojet Fuels in 2013


​ICAO / IATA​2013

Flight Path to a Sustainable Future



ICAO Review: Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Sustainable Aviation




General Information 

​Title / Link​Authors​Publication Date
​Aviation Fuel vs. Gasoline
​Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics

​Advanced biofuels: What holds them back?
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: A Canadian Perspective




Understanding the sustainable aviation biofuel potential in sub-Saharan Africa


​WWF, RSB, IIASA, Boeing​2019
Business Aviation Guide to the Use of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel




​Global Aviation Alternative Fuel Market 2018 Research Report


​J. Kelle (for Herald Analyst)​2018

New Zealand Biofuels Roadmap Technical Report


I.D. Suckling et al. (for ​Scion)​2018
Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Aviation Fuel



Biofuels for Aviation: Technology Brief
​International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Sustainable Jet Fuel for Aviation: Nordic perspectives on the use of advanced sustainable jet fuel for aviation


E.C. Wormslev  et al. (for Nordic Energy Research)​2016
The Impact of Advanced Biofuels on Aviation Emissions and Operations in the U.S.

​N. Winchester et al. – MIT Joint Program in the Science and Policy of Global Climate Change


IATA 2015 Report on Alternative Fuels



IATA Sustainable Aviation Fuel Roadmap




JFK Green Lane Program - Evaluation Program



Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Potential for the UK aviation industry



Flightpath to Aviation Biofuel in Brazil: Action Plan


​Boeing, Embraer, FAPESP and UNICAMP



Fueling a Sustainable Future for Aviation

​Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI)



Australian feedstock and production capacity to produce sustainable aviation fuel


​Qantas, Shell​2013

Flight Path to Sustainable Aviation - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Roadmap



Meeting the UK aviation target – options for reducing emissions to 2050


​Committee on Climate Change​2009
Near-Term Feasibility of Alternative Jet Fuels

​James I. Hileman et al. - MIT (RAND-TR554)


Review of the potential for biofuels in aviation

​A. Bauen, J. Howes, L. Bertuccioli, C. Chudziak - E4tech (for CCC)





​Title / Link​Authors​Publication Date

​​The costs of production of alternative jet fuel: A harmonized stochastic assessment


​S.J. Bann, et al.



Alternative Jet Fuels - Federal Activities support Development and usage, but long-term commercial viability hinges on market factors


​US Government Accountability Office (GAO)​2014

​​A techno-economic review of hydroprocessed renewable esters and fatty acids for jet fuel production


​​M. Pearlson, C. Wollersheim and J. Hileman / MIT​​2013
Guidance for Selling Alternative Fuels to Airlines

​B. Miller(metron-Aviation), J. Heimlich (A4A) - A joint publication of CAAFI and A4A




​Title / Link​Authors​Publication Date
​Final Report - Building Up the Future

​Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels - Sustainable Transport Forum (European Commission)



The feasibility of short-term production strategies for renewable jet fuels – a comprehensive techno-economic comparison


​S de Jong et al.​2015
Agriculture and Aviation: Partners in Prosperity

​​U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, A4A, the Boeing Company



Policies and Collaborative Partnership for Sustainable Aviation


​World Economic Forum​2011


​Title / Link
​Publication Date
Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy: Implementation Guide

Global Bioenergy Partnership
Raising the Bar: Aviation Biofuels Scorecards - 2017

​Debbie Hammel - National Resources Defense Council


Cleaner Skies Are Friendlier Skies: Aviation Biofuel Scorecard - 2016

Debbie Hammel - National Resources Defense Council


Aviation Biofuel Sustainability Scorecards - 2015

​Debbie Hammel - National Resources Defense Council



Alternative Jet Fuel Environmental Sustainability Overview


Aviation Biofuel Sustainability Survey - 2013

​Debbie Hammel - National Resources Defense Council


Benchmark of cane-derived renewable jet fuel against major sustainability standards

​A. Nassar, P. Moura, G. Granço, L. Harfuch / Instituto de Estudo do Comercio e Negociações Internacionais


Jet Propellant 8 versus alternative jet fuels

​United States Air Force Institute of Technology


​Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emission from Alternative Jet Fuels​R.W. Stratton, H.M. Wong, J.I. Hileman - PARTNER Project 28 report​2010

​Framework and Guidance for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Footprints of Aviation Fuels (Final Report)


​AFRL (AFRL-RZ-WP-TR-2009-2206)​2009



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