GFAAF - Aviation Fuel Maps

This page collects the various maps developed by ICAO related to aviation fuels, in order to better visualize the activities of the sustainable aviation fuels industry.


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News and Activities

​Based on the contents of the GFAAF News and Activities page, this map can be used to explore where these news and activities have been occurring since 2009.


For best results when using this map, please zoom in on the location of interest.



Initiatives and Projects

​Based on the contents of the GFAAF Initiatives and Projects page, this map can be used to explore where past and ongoing initiatives are based. InitiativesMap.03Dec19.PNG


Aviation Live Feed - Ongoing Alternative Fuel Purchase Agreements

This live feed is based on publically available information from airports and airlines involved in on-going alternative fuel purchase agreements. Due to the fuel blending procedures at these airports, it is not possible to determine the quantity of alternative fuel being used on any flight that appears on this live feed. The live feed displays all flights that comply with the following criteria:

Live Feed Key 19Sept2019.png
LiveFeedMap - Sept19.PNG

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