Voluntary Measures

ICAO has collected information on voluntary activities and is planning to provide feedback to States and the aviation community, with the aim of dissemination of such activities. ICAO has been encouraged to study three market-based measures such as voluntary measures, emission-related levies and emissions trading, pursuant to Appendix I to Assembly Resolution A35-5, aimed at reducing climate impact caused by greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted from the aviation sector.

In addition the new resolution (Assembly Resolution A36-22, Appendix L) urges States to adopt measures relating to Emissions related charges and taxes, Emissions trading, Carbon offsets and Clean Development Mechanism.


Regarding voluntary measures, ICAO has already developed a template (pdf) for voluntary agreements between the aviation sector and public sector organizations.


This call for States to provide information was sent to all States on 3 October 2006 and renewed on 2 December 2009. Some States had replied to the first State Letter as of 7 December 2006. The information submitted, as well as the information collected prior to February 2007 is available here (pdf). A second State Letter has requested submission of an updated questionnaire by 31 December 2009. Click here to view the latest responses.


ICAO welcomes submissions regarding voluntary activities at any time, in order to ensure that a wide sample of information is collected.


1. Template and Guidance on Voluntary Measures, 2004 (pdf)
2. Questionnaire (doc):
3. Questionnaire (PDF): 
4. List of collected Voluntary Activities Against Global Warming
5. Operational Opportunities to Minimize Fuel Use and Reduce Emissions, Circular 303-AN/176.


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