CAEP Working Group 2

Group Description


The main aim of Working Group 2 (WG2, Airports and Operations) is to consider environmental issues related to airports and aircraft operations in the vicinity of the airports. The objective of the work programme of WG2 is to develop and disseminate guidance to States, aviation authorities and planners on environmental issues related to airport expansion, construction and operation, define operational procedures, strategies, and opportunities. The development of global best practices in these areas can lead to the improvement of environmental management policies.

Current Work

The WG2 work programme for the CAEP/13 cycle (2022-2025) includes various topics such as:

Climate Adaptation

  • Update of the Climate Adaptation Synthesis Report produced in the CAEP/11 cycle (2016-2019).

Air Navigation and Traffic Management

  • Review and update of the Continuous Descent Operations Manual - ICAO Doc. 9931

Operational Measures to Reduce Noise and Emissions

  • Noise Monitoring Good Practices

  • Environmental Interdependencies in Various Operating Scenarios

  • Operational Opportunities to Reduce Non-CO2 Effects On Climate Change / Contrails and Aviation Induced Cirrus

Airports and Operations Community Engagement

  •  New Entrants

Advanced air mobility (RPAS, UAM, etc.), spacecraft launches, Supersonic Transport (SST), hydrogen and electrification, operations, environment and infrastructure considerations, new concerns such as perceived impacts on privacy, safety, wellbeing, environment, etc.

  • Post Pandemic Dynamics

Impact of COVID-19 on community engagement strategies following low traffic levels and community responses to noise as operations return, as well as how communities/workplaces have changed and how those affect engagement.

  • Noise vs Emissions

Risks and opportunities related to the growing focus on climate change and the effects, trade-offs and interdependencies of that on community noise issues and engagement.

New E-Publications for Eco-Airport Toolkit Collection


Work Completed at CAEP/12 cycle (2019-2022) and Deliverables

At CAEP/12 cycle, WG2 developed a set of guidance and best practice materials on various topics. Links to the deliverables completed during the CAEP/12 cycle are provided in the table below.

Airport Planning – Land use and environmental management ​

Report on Investigation on Possible Indicators for Encroachment  


This report provides good practices by States to assess population encroachment into the noise contours at airports.
Eco-Airport Toolkit collection publications 

Eco-Airport Toolkit e-collection provide practical and ready-to-use information to support the development of airport projects.


Climate Change Risk Assessment, Adaptation, and Resilience ​

Report on Climate Change Risk Assessment, Adaptation, and Resilience


This guidance provides more information to States, and specifically to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other potentially highly vulnerable States and organizations.

Air navigation and traffic management ​

Report On Environmental Metrics Of Relevance To The Global Aviation System


This report provide an overview of common metrics used by States and operational stakeholders to assess the environmental performance of aviation.

Operational measures to reduce noise and emissions: ​

ICAO Doc 10177 on Operational Opportunities to Reduce Aircraft Noise

This manual provides good practices and the operational opportunities to minimize aircraft noise from aircraft operations.


Main Publications 

  • Doc 9184 - Airport Planning Manual, Part 2, Land Use and Environmental Management

  • Eco-Airport e-collection publications

  • Doc 9968 - Report on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Practices in the Aviation Sector

  • Circular 351 – Community Engagement for Aviation Environmental Management

  • Doc 10013 - Operational Opportunities to Reduce Fuel Burn and Emissions (ex Cir. 303)

  • Doc 9889 - Airport Air Quality Manual

  • Doc 10021 -Independent Expert Report on Medium and Long Term Operational Fuel Burn Goals

  • Doc 9829 – Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management ( Second Edition, 2008)

  • Doc 10031 – Environmental Assessment Guidance for proposed Air Traffic Management Operational Changes

  • Doc 9750 – Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems

  • Doc 8168 – Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (OPS)

  • Doc 9931 – Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) Manual

  • Circular 317 – Effects of PANS-OPS Noise Abatement Departure Procedures on Noise and Gaseous Emissions

  • Doc 9911 – Recommended Method of Computing Noise Contours around Airports (ex Cir. 205)

  • Doc 9888 – Noise Abatement Procedures: Review of Research, Development and Implementation Project – Discussion of Survey Results (2010)



WG2 Milestones



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