CAEP Fuels Task Group


The Fuels Task Group (FTG) was created at the CAEP/11 meeting (2019), following a CAEP agreement to evolve the Alternative Fuels Task Force (AFTF) into a permanent CAEP group. FTG focus is on the work required on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and lower carbon aviation fuels (LCAF) as part of the Annex 16 Vol IV maintenance and as part of other ICAO initiatives on aviation fuels.

Current work

The FTG work programme for the CAEP/13 cycle (2022-2025) includes various topics such as:

  • Maintenance of the fuels-related sections of Annex 16 Vol IV (CORSIA), including:
    • Methodology refinements on core LCA and ILUC (including Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels)
    • Calculation of default life cycle emission values for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (including both core LCA values and ILUC values).
    • Classification of feedstocks as wastes, co-products and main products
    • Development of approaches to minimize the risk of double counting
    • Development of guidance regarding Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), including permanence and life cycle aspects.
  • Development of guidance on potential policies for the deployment of SAF

  • Evaluation of SAF and LCAF availability through 2035

  • Assessment of new technologies for SAF and LCAF production      

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