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International airports are the backbone of international civil aviation. In the context of air traffic growth, airports are key players in ensuring that the sector's growth is environmentally-friendly.

The objective of the Eco-Airport Toolkit e-collection is to provide practical and ready-to-use information to support the development of airport infrastructure projects. The themes of the publications are chosen based on immediate operational needs of States. Each publication focuses on a specific aspect of environmental planning at airports.


With this e-collection, ICAO wishes to equip States with practical information on key aspects of airport planning and design and to present concrete options they may choose to use. The " Eco-Airport Toolkit e-collection " is a new tool for States to take informed decisions when financing a new airport infrastructure project or environmental management enhancement programmes.

Energy at airports cover.JPG
Energy at airports cover.JPG

Waste Mana​gement at Airports

Waste Mana​gement at Airports - Case Studies

​​A Focus on the production of renewable energy at the Airport site - Case Studies

water management.PNG

The Eco Design of Airport Buildings

The Eco Design of Airport Buildings - Case Studies

An Env​ironmental Management System for Airports

Water Management at Airports

climate resilient.PNG
climate resilient.PNG

Climate Resilient Airports

at Airports

GHG Management and Mitigation at Airports

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