CAEP Impacts and Science Group


The Impacts and Science Group (ISG) was formed in the CAEP/8 meeting (2010). Its role is to provide the best possible consensus information from the science community to CAEP on aviation's impacts on climate, air quality and noise issues.

Current work:

  • Analysis of the aviation sector's efforts to address climate change
  • Assessment of the impacts of NOx (both human health and climate)
  • Assessment of the role of fuel composition in nvPM emissions
  • Development of a white paper on non-acoustic factors of community annoyance related to aircraft noise.

Main publications:

            White paper on aviation noise impacts (ICAO Environmental Report 2016, Page 30)

            White paper on aviation and Climate (ICAO Environmental Report 2016, Page 99)

            White paper on Aviation Impacts on Air Quality (ICAO Environmental Report 2016, Page 75)

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