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Recordings of previous webinars will be posted on this page as they become available.  Please click on the links below to access directly the recording.  Information regarding the original webinar session can be found by clicking on the name of the topic.




Topic ​Date ​Recording
Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP)​9 June 2021Link to recording
Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Plan (MID-RASP)​25 May 2021​Link to recording
South American Safety Plan (SAMSP)​11 May 2021Link to recording
Using the Roadmap to Develop a National Aviation Safety Plan​13 April 2021​Link to recording
​Global Campaign on NOTAM Improvement​8 April 2021​Link to recording
CART Phase III (Worldwide)​7 April 2021​Link to recording
CART Phase III (APAC)​7 April 2021Link to recording
Introduction to the National Aviation Safety Plan​30 March 2021Link to recording
ICAO's Global Safety Strategy: The Global Aviation Safety Plan​16 March 2021Link to recording
Aeronautical Information Management for Unmanned Traffic Management (AIM for UTM)​11 March 2021Link to recording
Road to Higher Autonomy​4 March 2021Link to recording
New Operating Environment and Flight Rules​25 February 2021Link to recording
​Returning to Ops Normal - Moving back from Alleviations to the SARPs​13 January 2021Link to recording
Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) Phase II Deliverables​3 December 2020​Link to recording
RPAS International IFR Regulatory Framework ​1 December 2020Link to recording
​NAV AIDS Flight Inspection

​24 November 2020

25 November 2020

Link to recording

Link to recording

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for UAS Operators​3 November 2020
Link to recording
Global Reporting Format (GRF) Methodology Webinar: Benefits and Implementation Challenges​27 October 2020Link to recording
​Building Microlearnings & Using Data from Webinars​21 October 2020Link to recording
​Maintaining Pilot Performance Level and Recovering Confidence - Joint Webinar of ICAO, IATA and IFALPA​13 October 2020Link to recording
Discover the Technical Cooperation Bureau's Portfolio of Products and Services​8 October 2020Link to the recording
​Discussion on the Future of the European Plan for Prevention of Runway Excursions (EAPPRE)​8 October 2020​Link to recording
Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)​5 October 2020​Link to recording
U-AID - Humanitarian Operations using UAS​22 September 2020Link to recording
Galileo SAR​21 September 2020Link to recording
Regional SAR Initiatives and SAREX​8 September 2020Link to recording
COSPAS-SARSAT​3 September 2020Link to recording
Cabin Crew Recurrent Training during COVID-19​1 September 2020Link to recording
​ICAO and UN Collaboration on Monitoring and Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Trade, Travel and Transport​28 August 2020 ​Link to recording
ICAO UTM Framework - Core Principles for Global Harmonization​25 August 2020Link to recording
Plan Your Resources and Manage the COVID-19 Bow Wave Curve​17 August 2020Link to recording
UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations (BVLOS) - for Regulators​11 August 2020Link to recording
​ICAO SAR Regional Framework10 August 2020Link to recording
Aviation Security Contingency Measures during COVID-19 Pandemic                        
​6 August 2020​Please contact your Regional Office for access to the webinar recording.
ICAO Implementation Packages (IPacks) - Supporting States' Aviation Response, Recovery, and Resilience Efforts during COVID-19​5 August 2020Link to recording
Runway Safety: A Key to Re-building Confidence post COVID-19​4 August 2020Link to recording
Introducing ICAO UAS Model Regulations​23 July 2020Link to recording
Air Traffic Services Guidance for Operation in a COVID-19 Context - Part II

​9 July 2020

10 July 2020

Link to SPANISH recording

Link to ENGLISH recording

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre (CRRIC)

​8 July 2020 Montreal

9 July 2020 Mexico

14 July 2020 Bangkok

14 July 2020 Cairo

15 July 2020 Dakar

Link to ENGLISH recording

Link to SPANISH recording

Link to ENGLISH recording

Link to ENGLISH recording

Link to FRENCH recording

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Aviation and the Form of Measures to Alleviate the Financial Distress
​7 July 2020 ​Link to recording
Enabling UAS Operations Part II - Panel Discussion​2 July 2020Link to recording
Extending Flight and Duty Limits for COVID-19 "Special Ops"
​30 June 2020 ​Link to recording
Aircraft Accident Investigation during the COVID-19 Pandemic​25 June 2020 ​Link to recording
Facilitation Tools in Response to COVID-19: Strengthening International and Inter-Agency Cooperation
​23 June 2020Link to recording
Enabling UAS Operations​18 June 2020 ​Link to recording
Establishing a Trusted Communication Policy - COVID-19 Recovery (Aircraft Return to Service)​17 June 2020 ​Link to recording
Report on the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force Report (CART) - SAM Office​12 June 2020

​Link to English recording

Link to Spanish recording

Safely Transporting Cargo during the COVID-19 Pandemic​11 June 2020Link to recording
Air Traffic Services Guidance for Operations in a COVID-19 Context ​9 June 2020

​Link to recording (English webinar)

Link to recording (Spanish webinar)

Regional Cooperation in Times of Crisis​4 June 2020 ​Link to recording
Licensing in the time of COVID-19​2 June 2020Link to recording
SNOWTAM 2020​28 May 2020Link to recording
Digital Transformation since COVID-19 ​27 May 2020 ​Link to recording
New ICAO Methodology for Assessing and Reporting Runway Surface Conditions (GRF)​26 May 2020Link to recording
Simplified Procedure for Air Traffic Management Collaborative Decision Making ​21 May 2020 Link to recording​
Management of Aviation Safety Risks Related to COVID-19 for CAAs​14 May 2020 Link to recording
Public Health Corridor​11 May 2020 ​​Link to recording
Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA) ​7 May 2020Link to recording
Repurposing Aircraft Passenger Cabin for Transport of Cargo​5 May 2020 ​Link to recording

COVID-19 Safety Operational Measures Framework

​30 April 2020 ​Link to recording


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