Regional Aviation Safety Plans Series

About the RASP Webinar Series:  Safety Strategy at the Regional Level

This series of webinars is intended to provide an introduction to each of the Regional Aviation Safety Plans (RASPs). Each RASP establishes regional safety goals and targets, high-risk categories of occurrences (HRCs), safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs), and contributes to the development of national aviation safety plans (NASPs) for all States within that region. The series will focus on the implementation of each RASP, including the relationship with each State's NASP, and with the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP). The series will be conducted in English.



Session 1

European Regional Aviation Safety Plan (EUR RASP)

Date and Time:  20 April 2021

Presentation on the EUR RASP can be found here.

Presentation on the EPAS can be found here.


This webinar is intended to provide an introduction, as well as the path to the development of the European Regional Aviation Plan (EUR RASP). The EUR RASP establishes the first layer of priorities, at the regional level, and allows for all 55 States within the ICAO EUR Region to develop their own NASPs. The EUR RASP is based on the successful model of the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS), incorporating its key safety strategies and actions, in line with the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP. The webinar will explain how the European Union Safety Risk Management process works to populate the EPAS and how this information is then utilized in the EUR RASP. The EUR RASP includes EUR Safety Metrics and Targets. The webinar will address how those metrics and targets were selected. Finally, the webinar will conclude on how the implementation of the EUR RASP, through NASPs, is envisaged and how it will be monitored.



Arkadii Merkulov, Regional Officer, Safety, EUR/NAT Office, ICAO

Régine Hamelijnck, Senior Safety Management Officer, EASA


Session 2

South American Safety Plan (SAMSP)

Date and Time:  11 May 2021, 1000 Montreal /  0900 Lima

Presentation from webinar can be found here.   

Recording of the webinar can be found here.


This webinar is intended to provide an overview of the South American Safety Plan (SAMSP). This plan is published by the ICAO South American Regional Office on behalf of the accredited States and International Organisations involved. The webinar will address aspects of the SAMSP, including the implementation of safety management with respect to main priorities: improvement of effective implementation (EI) and of the safety oversight index (SOI); the implementation of the State safety programme (SSP); and the reduction of the accident rate for the HRCs identified in the SAM Region. The webinar will also present the SAMSP objectives that were developed in accordance with the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP.


Speaker: Marcelo Urena, Regional Officer, Flight Safety, SAM Office, ICAO


Session 3

Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Plan (MID-RASP)

Date and Time:  25 May 2021, 0800 Montreal / 1400 Cairo

Presentation on the MID-RASP can be found here.

Recording of the webinar can be found here.




Session 4

APAC Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP)

Date and Time:  8 June 2021 2200 Montreal / 9 June 2021 0900 Bangkok

Presentation on the APAC-RASP can be found here.

Recording of the webinar can be found here.


This webinar is intended to introduce the APAC Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP), 2020-2022 edition. This plan charts the APAC Region's strategy to strengthen the management of aviation safety in the APAC Region, to continually reduce aviation fatalities and the risk thereof. The webinar will present how the AP-RASP has been organised and how, by means of the AP-RASP, aviation stakeholders of the APAC Region affirm their commitment to aviation safety. It will address how the GASP and the AP-RASP are related to the development of the NASP and why States should consider this relationship, as part of their NASP development process. In addition, the webinar will present considerations for States on the mapping between plans to support the achievement of the RASP and GASP goals, and the alignment of SEIs in each document. Finally, it will address monitor the progress of implementation for States' NASPs and AP-RASP, at the regional level.


Speaker: Anam, S. M. Nazmul, Regional Officer, Flight Safety, APAC Office, ICAO

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