Establishing a Trusted Communication Facility - COVID-19 Recovery (Aircraft Return to Service)


17 June 2020 0900 EST (Montreal time)



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A large number of aircraft operated on international routes have been taken out of service as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing such aircraft back into service will require extensive transmission of information between States and industry. In addition, COVID-19 has resulted in restrictions on the movement of people (e.g. quarantine periods, reduced access to airports and other facilities). It is also expected that the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate changes in operator fleet requirements which will, in turn, create a surge in aircraft redeployments and cross-border transfers of aircraft registration. These developments will both increase the need for transmission of information and communications while making them more difficult, particularly where requirements exist for manual execution, delivery and/or physical presentation of documents. To avoid further impediments in resuming aircraft operations with their consequent adverse economic implications, a solution need to be implemented in the nearest term.


This webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss a possible solution for electronically executing and delivering digitally signed documents in order to avoid delays when bringing aircraft back into service.



Civil Aviation Authorities



Capt. Miguel Marin, Chief, Operational Safety Section, ICAO

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Jeffrey Wool, Secretary General, Aviation Working Group



Rob Cowan, Managing Director, Aviareto Limited




Capt. Miguel Marin


Capt. Miguel Marin joined the International Civil Aviation Organization in November of 2009 and has served the organization in various capacities during his tenure.


He is currently Chief of the Operational Safety Section of the Air Navigation Bureau, which is responsible for the development of Standards, Recommended Practices, Procedures and guidance material related to the operation, certification and airworthiness of aircraft including the licensing and training of personnel and language proficiency requirements.


He is leading ICAO initiatives to develop tools and guidance related to operational safety measures to support States during these difficult times.


Jeffrey Wool


Jeffrey Wool is the Secretary General of the Aviation Working Group, a not-for-profit international industry group that works on the development of policies, regulations and rules designed to facilitate advanced international aviation financing and leasing. Jeffrey acts in that capacity on secondment from Blakes, a leading international law firm. Jeffrey coordinates all AWG activity and has since its inception in 1994.


Jeffrey is also a senior research fellow at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, and an affiliate member of the law faculty, University of Oxford.  Jeffrey was the second instructor (following, and then jointly with, prof. Roy Goode) of the now globally-instructed course, transnational commercial law (exploring its phenomenon, dynamics, and elements). He then led the initial development of its course materials and was key to its advancement. He is a senior advisor to UNIDROIT and president of the UNIDROIT Foundation.  He was professor of global business law at the University of Washington School of Law from 2011-2019, where he was the founding co-director of its global business law institute and developed a new course on international business compliance (providing a conceptual framework and applying it to main compliance-topics).


Rob Cowan


Rob Cowan is the Managing Director of Aviareto Limited, which operates the International Registry (IR) of Mobile Assets (Aviation) under the Cape Town Convention. The IR is an online business serving the global aviation finance industry from Dublin, Ireland. The role includes managing a highly secure, cryptographically enabled registry system with systematic importance to the Global Aviation Finance industry and which is regulated by a UN body (ICAO). Stakeholders range from small to the very large including, medium sized corporates, aviation lawyers, airlines, aircraft leasing firms, aircraft manufacturers, banks and other finance institutions, governments and their agencies as well as several international organisations. Rob has developed a team with a mix of online, cybersecurity, finance, aviation, compliance and diplomacy skills. 


For twenty years, Rob held senior positions in Telecommunications, Technology and Cybersecurity. He has worked with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) focusing on network security and development. Prior to his time at the IAA, Rob was the Senior Manager of Network Operations at TyCom during the start-up phase, managing an international undersea cable network linking the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Rob had previously spent eleven years working for Galileo Ireland a leading provider of travel reservation systems and international data networking solutions as both General Manager of Business Development and General Manager of the Technical Department. 

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