Maintaining Pilot Performance Level and Recovering Confidence - Joint webinar of ICAO, IATA and IFALPA


13 October 2020, 0800 Montreal



Registration is closed.  Recording is now available here.





The COVID crisis has left most of the pilot population with reduced operational exposure combined with disrupted training curricula. This situation can induce pilot performance and confidence degradation.  As we see the extension of alleviation periods around the globe, the considerations for the mitigation of the related risks are crucial.


With this webinar, you will be informed about the efforts of ICAO, IATA and IFALPA to support the different stakeholders in these challenging times. The panel will look at the challenges, threats and propose solutions.  



Civil Aviation Authorities, Industry, other relevant Stakeholders



Gerda Pardatscher, Technical Officer, PEL, ICAO


Capt. Yann Renier, Head of Training and Licensing, IATA


Capt. Glen Finch, Vice-Chair, Training and Licensing on the IFALPA Human Performance Committee, IFALPA




Gerda Pardatscher

Gerda Pardatscher joined ICAO on 1 April 2019 as the Technical Officer for Personnel Licensing. Before joining ICAO, she was the Senior Expert for aircrew licensing at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  Prior to that, she held the position as the Manager for Personnel Licensing at the National Aviation Authority of Austria.


She gained industry experience while working as a licensing expert for SWISS International Airlines in the Flight Operations Department, as well as in the training organisation of Crossair, in Switzerland.


Ms. Pardatscher studied European Economics with a focus on European law and European languages.  She also holds a private pilot licence for aeroplanes.


Capt. Yann Renier

Captain RENIER is Head of Training & Licensing within the Safety and Flight Operations division at IATA's Headquarters in Montreal. He is the secretary of the IATA Pilot Training Task Force and consequently is in charge of several major training initiatives including the Aviation Skill Shortage mitigation measures definition, the Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) implementation support and the Evidence-Based Training (EBT) data report update. Those projects imply Capt RENIER's active contribution to ICAO and EASA new pilot standards design.


Captain RENIER joined IATA in June 2016 after 26 years of commercial air carrier experience, which included both domestic and international operations. Over these 26 years he has held various positions, among which Chief Pilot Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Flight Standard Management Pilot, Line Training Captain, and Type Rating Instructor & Examiner.


Capt. Glen Finch

Glen Finch serves as the Vice-Chair, Training and Licensing on the IFALPA Human Performance Committee. 

He is a Canadian member of ALPA International and is an active Line Check Pilot on CRJ aircraft for Jazz Aviation. 


Glen has been continuously involved in Industry and Professional Pilot Association work since 1992 at his airline as well as at the national and international level. He previously served as ALPA-I Director, Pilot Training Programs and Chair of the ALPA-I National Training Council. 


Glen has also recently represented IFALPA at the ICAO Competency Based Training and Assessment Task Force (CBTA-TF), the ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Task Force (NGAP-TF) and the IATA Pilot Training Task Force. 


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