Runway Safety: A Key to Re-building Confidence post-COVID 19


4 August 2020 0800 EDT (Montreal time) - 2 hour webinar



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Runway safety has long been considered as a global safety priority by ICAO. There is also an important association between the safety of runway operations and confidence. As we recover from the current crisis, the need to re-build confidence is a known challenge. As demand returns, our focus upon the safety of operations on progressively busy or recently recommissioned runways should be renewed, thereby helping to ensure that confidence is rebuilt. During the COVID crisis the nature of operations on many airports altered, with changes to the use and availability of runways and taxiways, changes to traffic volumes and mixes, changes to procedures and practices, both in the air and on the ground. These may themselves bring additional risks to runway operations (e.g. changes to runway incursion 'hotspots'), but there may also be risks as capacity is restored (e.g. the return of high intensity runway operations, the re-commissioning of systems such as A-SMGCS). All of this requires vigilance and the engagement of stakeholders through mechanisms such as Local Runway Safety Teams.


The webinar aims to engage key stakeholder representatives to discuss this topic and remind the audience of the need to re-focus attention on runway safety. This webinar is intended for a global audience and will be followed-up through regional runway safety webinars hosted by the respective ICAO regional offices.


The webinar agenda can be found here.



Airport Operators, Aircraft Operators, ANSPs, CAAs, and International Organizations and Associations



Paul Adamson, Airport Operations and Interoperability Officer, ICAO





Yong Wang, Chief, Airport Operations and Infrastructure, ICAO



Capt. Jeff Sedin, Vice-Chair of the IFALPA Aerodrome and Ground Environment Committee




Giovanni Cima, Senior Expert - Operations, EASA




Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson is a senior EUROCONTROL Official on secondment to ICAO.  Paul is currently working as an Airport Operations and Interoperability Officer at ICAO HQ.  He is providing expertise and support to ICAO's Air Navigation Bureau,  and is working on Airport and ATM related topics. Paul has an ATC background, but has also worked on topics such as A-SMGCS, A-CDM and runway safety.


Yong Wang

Mr. Yong Wang is Chief of the Airport Operations and Infrastructure Section in the Air Navigation Bureau of ICAO. He manages a multidisciplinary programme covering the development, maintenance and roll-out of international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) on aerodrome design and operations, aeronautical meteorology, radio navigation aids, including global navigation satellite system (GNSS), as well as the ICAO runway safety programme. He is also a qualified auditor of the ICAO safety oversight audit programme.


Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree of civil engineering and a Master of Business Administration.


RC Raman

RC is a Technical Officer at ICAO, who is responsible for matters pertaining to Aerodrome Operations, which includes Runway safety. He started his career in aviation as an Air Traffic Controller and moved on to airport operations & management. Before joining ICAO he was with Airports Council International as Manager, Airport Safety and Operations, during which time he was a member/advisor to several ICAO panels/WGs dealing with cross-cutting airport issues.


Capt. Mark Searle

Mark Searle joined IATA last year as Director, Safety from the UK CAA where he was Head, Safety Strategy. Prior to this, Mark was a Captain with easyJet accumulating over 12,000 hours of experience on Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Mark was Chairman of BALPA for 5 years and has held numerous Board positions within finance and insurance companies.


David Gamper

David Gamper joined ACI in 1992, first in Geneva and then Montreal from 2011. He is responsible for policy on aerodrome safety, operations and efficiency as well as ATM issues, and for best practice guidance for airport operators.


He has been an observer on the ICAO Air Navigation Commission since 2011 and is a member of the ICAO Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel and other Panels. He also represents ACI with other international organizations.


He previously worked for BAA (formerly British Airports Authority), and holds a degree in Engineering Science from Cambridge University.


Shayne Campbell

Shayne Campbell is currently the Safety Programme Manager for CANSO, where he oversees the strategic direction of CANSO's global safety programme and supports regional safety needs from all CANSO regions. He manages the daily operations and activities of the Safety Standing Committee and its workgroups, providing leadership and direction to assist with achieving CANSO's safety objectives. He serves as the focal point on safety matters and coordinates with industry and regulatory organisations on behalf of CANSO. 


Bridget Singratanakul

Bridget Singratanakul is an Air Traffic Controller at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Tower. Bridget represents the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) to ICAO as the Runway Safety Expert and member of the Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP). Bridget is the NATCA National Runway Safety Representative and National Runway Status Lights Representative. She also holds a Commercial multi-engine pilot rating.). She is a member of the Airport Construction Advisory Council (ACAC) supporting airport construction activates throughout the NAS and Internationally.


Capt. Jeff Sedin


Captain Jeff Sedin holds the position of Vice-Chair on the IFALPA Airport Ground Environment (AGE) Committee. In addition, Capt. Sedin serves as (AGE) Chairman for the Air Line Pilots Association – International, the United States Member Association of IFALPA.


Captain Sedin currently flies the B-737 out of Chicago O'Hare, ORD. Captain Sedin currently sits on the FAA Airport Research and Development Advisory Committee and Surface Safety Group. He has also been the ORD Airport Safety Liaison (ASL) since 1989 and has helped the airport safely implement a major expansion.


Giovanni Cima

Giovanni Cima is a graduated aeronautical engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in Air Operations. He has been working for EASA since 2010 in the area of Air Operations, where he is currently a Senior Expert dealing mostly with rulemaking on many technical topics including aeroplane performance and runway safety. He is also a qualified EASA team member for standardisation inspections.


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