28 May 2020, 1100 Paris Time  / 0500 EDT (Montreal time)



  • The webinar is open to participants from ALL Regions/States.
  • This webinar will open 15 minutes prior to the start time in order to allow participants to log in early.



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The new Global Reporting Format (GRF) provisions will be applicable as of 5 November 2020. In support of GRF implementation at States' AIS/AIM level, the ICAO EUR/NAT Office developed the "Guidance on the Issuance of SNOWTAM, First Edition", with the support of EUR States, EUROCONTROL/EAD, EASA and ICAO HQ.


The objective of this webinar is to introduce the "Guidance on the issuance of SNOWTAM" and highlight some implementation tips for States.



Air Navigation Service Providers, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airlines



Abbas Niknejad, ICAO, Paris Office

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Christopher Keohan, ICAO, Paris Office

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Volodymyr Karpenko, EUROCONTROL

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Abbas Niknejad


Abbas Niknejad joined the International Civil Aviation Organization in February 2014 and has served the organization in various capacities during his tenure at the ICAO MID and EUR/NAT Regional Offices.


He is currently Regional Officer, Air Navigation System Implementation at the ICAO EUR/NAT Office. The EUR/NAT Office, located in Paris, promotes and monitors the implementation of ICAO's international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in 56 Member States of ICAO (out of 193) to which it is accredited. In addition, upon States' request, this Office also provides training and technical guidance for the effective implementation of ICAO SARPs, the global regulatory reference to ensure a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation activities across the nine ICAO Aviation Regions, including Europe and North Atlantic.


Christopher Keohan


Chris has more than 25 years of experience in aviation meteorology including in the research sector at MIT/Lincoln Laboratory; operational weather systems for aviation related to wind shear detection and support to air traffic management at the FAA; and meteorological provisions for international civil aviation at ICAO Bangkok (2008-2011) and then ICAO Paris and Cairo (2011-present).


Volodymyr Karpenko


Volodymyr holds a Master of Air Traffic Management from Flight Academy of Ukraine. He started his career as an Air Traffic Controller at KYIV ACC. Since then, he has also had an extensive experience in ATM, ATC, ATFCM and AIS areas. His track record shows evidence of leading projects with the successful collaboration within the international community. 


Volodymyr joined EUROCONTROL in 2006 as member of EAD team. He is recognized by the EAD and European AIS community as a major actor for the successful implementation of the EAD Briefing Facility.


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