Search and Rescue Webinar Series


ICAO is hosting a series of webinars that will address various search and rescue activities in the EUR Region.  Though this series is based on European experiences, it is open to participants from around the world.  The five webinars will be held every two weeks based on the schedule below. Each webinar will cover different SAR concepts and will allow for a Q&A period.



The objective of the ICAO EUR SAR Webinar Series will be to raise awareness about the current SAR activities in the EUR Region, including the three Maghreb States, share other ICAO Regions and States' experience and address regional SAR implementation matters. Additionally, during the Series,  recommendations for the implementation of future SAR concepts in the EUR Region will be presented.  Webinars will also be held to discuss new standards in support of Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS), the European Union's Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) GALILEO services and applications and COSPAS-SARSAT activities.  The Series will also include a webinar by the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia providing an example of a SAREX and its outcomes.





10 August 2020 1500 Paris / 0900 Montreal

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Celso Figueiredo, ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Officer, ANS/ATM



Celso Figueiredo has been an Air Traffic Controller since 1986. He worked in several ATC units: TWR, APP, ACC and ATFM Center. He graduated in Computer Technology and has a Master Degree in ATM, from ENAC, Toulouse, France. Celso has worked in the industry (Thales ATM) for almost 6 years as an Operational Expert in ATC automated systems. Since 2011, he has worked in ICAO as the Regional Officer – Air Navigation Systems/ATM Implementation (SAM Office and currently the EUR/NAT Office). He is also a USOAP auditor and has a private pilot license.




3 September 2020,  1500 Paris / 0900 Montreal 

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Arnaud Sindou, Operations Officer - COSPAS-SARSAT Secretariat

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Arnaud Sindou was a French Air Force Transport Pilot (Flight Captain and Fight Safety Officer) [~4,000 h]. Acted as instructor at the French Air Force Academy. Also, acted as SAR Mission Coordinator and SAR Instructor at ARCC (Lyon, France) [~ 80 real SAR OPS]. ARCC Lyon Commander. Main activities in SAR include: national and international SAREX [~30 exercises], in charge of the French aeronautical SAR restructuration from 4 ARCCs to one main ARCC, and a remarkable event: German Wings Crash in March 2015.



8 September 2020, 1500 Paris / 0900 Montreal

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Link to ICAO EUR SAR Workshop

Link to Night Scenario of SAREX in Serbia

Link to Day Scenario of SAREX in Serbia



Nikola Sarancic, Head of Rescue Coordination Centre-Republic of Serbia

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In July 2015, Mr. Sarancic was appointed as the Head of Rescue Coordination Center in the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia. Previously, he worked in the RCC as a RCC operator for about 7 years. He has completed many courses in the Search and Rescue domain, such as Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator, several courses with the Danish Air Force, Search and Rescue Administrator Course at SAA in Singapore, Search and Rescue seminar in Cyprus, and Search and Rescue training in Belgrade.


He is a representative of Serbia, Member of Expert team and established WGs of RASARAC. He was appointed as the Chairman of the ICAO EUR SAR/TF.




21 September 2020 1500 Paris / 0900 Montreal

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Antonio Rolla, Policy Officer - GNSS Satellite Navigation Directorate - European Commission



An aeronautical engineer by training, Antonio Rolla has more than 20 years of experience in programme management in space applications covering various sectors (Navigation, Telecommunication and Earth Observation). He has a keen interest in applications with strong societal benefits and is currently responsible for the Search and Rescue activities of the Galileo programme within the European Commission.



5 October 2020, 1500 Paris / 0900 Montreal

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Henk J. Hof, Head of ICAO and Concept Unit - EUROCONTROL



Henk J. Hof works for EUROCONTROL as Head of the ICAO and Concepts Unit. He is responsible for the contribution of the EUROCONTROL Agency to ICAO and for strategic initiation and facilitation on Concept development. Henk is the EUROCONTROL member and the chairman of the ICAO ATM Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP) and chairman of the ICAO Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Advisory Group.

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