Global Reporting Format (GRF) Methodology Webinar: Benefits and Implementation Challenges


2 hour webinar

27 October 2020, 1430 Cairo / 0830 Montreal 



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The GRF methodology provide a standardized common terminology and phraseology for the description of runway surface conditions that can be objectively used by aerodrome operator inspection personnel, air traffic controllers, aircraft operators and flight crew.


The preparation for the GRF Implementation is fundamental to benefit from this enhanced reporting system and by understanding the related implementation challenges the concerned stakeholders will be ready for the GRF deployment at Airports in order to mitigate the risk of Runway excursion.



Civil Aviation Authorities, Aerodrome Operators, Aircraft Operators, ANSPs, Aeronautical Information Services Providers and Aerospace Industry



Mohamed Iheb Hamdi, Regional Officer for Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA), ICAO MID


 Abbas Niknejad, Regional Officer, Air Navigation System Implementation, ICAO EUR/NAT


Stuart Fox, Director, Flight Operations, IATA


Prisca Nkolo, Manager, Airport Operational Safety and Data Management, ACI


Charles Enders, Aviation Safety Inspector, FAA



Mohamed Iheb Hamdi

Mohamed Iheb Hamdi is currently the Regional Officer for Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) at The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Middle East (MID) Office. He is also ICAO MID CAPSCA (Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation) Coordinator.


Mr. Hamdi is an ICAO USOAP-CMA (Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach) qualified Auditor. He was an Officer/Engineer at the Tunisian Air Force before being seconded to the Civil Aviation industry in 2007. His main skills are in the areas of airports planning and design, Aerodrome safety Managment and airside operations.


Mr. Hamdi has been giving courses since 2010 at the Tunisian Air Force Academy and conducting seminars/workshops on Safety and Airside Operations, Safety Management Systems and Aerodrome Planning and Design (ICAO Annex 14) which some of them were to the benefit of the United Nations and the African Union then he became an Airport Council International (ACI) Instructor delivering ACI's courses in French and English worldwide.


Abbas Niknejad

Abbas Niknejad joined the International Civil Aviation Organization in February 2014 and has served the organization in various capacities during his tenure at the ICAO MID and EUR/NAT Regional Offices.


He is currently Regional Officer, Air Navigation System Implementation at the ICAO EUR/NAT Office. The EUR/NAT Office, located in Paris, promotes and monitors the implementation of ICAO's international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in 56 Member States of ICAO (out of 193) to which it is accredited. In addition, upon States' request, this Office also provides training and technical guidance for the effective implementation of ICAO SARPs, the global regulatory reference to ensure a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation activities across the nine ICAO Aviation Regions, including Europe and North Atlantic.


Shayne Campbell

Shayne Campbell is currently the Safety Programme Manager for CANSO, where he oversees the strategic direction of CANSO's global safety programme and supports regional safety needs from all CANSO regions. He manages the daily operations and activities of the Safety Standing Committee and its workgroups, providing leadership and direction to assist with achieving CANSO's safety objectives. He serves as the focal point on safety matters and coordinates with industry and regulatory organisations on behalf of CANSO. 


Stuart Fox

Stuart Fox has more than 30 years of aviation experience, having started flying in the late 1980's. His first few years in aviation were focused on commercial pilot training before joining a UK low cost airline where he operated several aircraft types as a training captain and pilot examiner.  He has held various senior airline and corporate aviation management positions from Head of Training to Director of Flight Operations.


In 2009, Stuart joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) where he gained experience in a variety of roles, from a Flight Operations Inspector to a regional manager, as well as an advisor to the Department of Civil Aviation in Mauritius.


Prior to joining IATA in 2018, Stuart was the Head of Flight Operations, for the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.


Academically, Stuart holds an MBA in international business and is currently completing his Doctorate in strategic management. He holds a valid EASA Airline Transport Pilots License.


Prisca Nkolo

Prisca joined the ACI Safety and Technical team in 2016 and currently holds the position of Manager, Airport Operational safety and data management. She oversees, processes and analyses data from various sources to identify trends and issues related to safety and operational efficiency at airports. Prisca is passionate by optimization, striving to build a strong airport safety intelligence to provide actionable insights for strategic planning.


Prisca also acts as a technical expert in the domain of safety and aerodromes operations since 2007. She is working with ICAO and other industry stakeholders in providing updated SARPs and guidance for implementation, while advocating for airports interests. She is the Rapporteur of ICAO's Safety Management Panel Working Group 2 which focused on developing SMS provisions for industry, as well as member advisor of the ICAO Aerodrome and Design Operations panel. She has participated in the planning and organization of several joint ICAO/ACI events (Wildlife Symposium, GRF symposium) and the update of ICAO manuals with the objective of increasing awareness and improving understanding for effective implementation.


Before joining ACI, Prisca was working as an Inspector, Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) at the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority.


She holds two bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Civil Engineering. She is also a certified ICAO CMA-CBT auditor AGA and a certified project manager professional (PMP).


Charles Enders

Charles Enders is an Aviation Safety Inspector in the Flight Standards Service of the Office of Aviation Safety at the Federal Aviation Administration.   He is also a retired United Airlines pilot and served in the US National Guard.


As the Co-Chair of the FAA TALPA Implementation program, he is instrumental in the ongoing discussions and outreach advocacy of the TALPA requirements.  He has worked directly with our bilateral partners to initiate and incorporate TALPA into their overall airport operations in a timely manner.  He is a recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME) on TALPA now renamed by ICAO as the GRF.


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