Air Traffic Services Guidance for Operation in a COVID-19 Context Part II


SPANISH webinar

9 July 2020, 1000 Mexico / 1100 EDT (Montreal time)


ENGLISH webinar

10 July 2020, 1000 Mexico /1100 EDT (Montreal time)



SPANISH webinar:

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ENGLISH webinar:

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This webinar will build off of the first webinar and will answer questions posed, as well as requests for additional information on some points previously raised.


Currently, the traffic outlook and forecast do not present a clear picture, however, current level of operations and proposed dates for travel restrictions to be lifted in the Region point toward a slow recovery.


In this context ATC personnel competencies, wellbeing, and adequate supervision will play a key role.


This webinar will provide information for compliance with the Council Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) recommendation to support the fastest possible return to normal aviation operations by regularly reviewing the necessity of continuing the application of risk mitigation measures, as the risk of COVID-19 transmission diminishes; as well as measures which are no longer needed and should be discontinued.


The webinar also provides additional information to apply the NACC Strategic approach recommendations with regards to Air Traffic Management.


This webinar will discuss:

    1. Review Basic Protective Measures to be Implemented
    2. Lessons Learned for Enhanced Procedures for ANS Facilities
    3. Enhanced ATC Supervision and ATC Personnel Competencies
    4. Personnel Wellbeing
    5. Lessons Learned for Procedures to Address Compromised Facilities



Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers


Eddian Méndez Ramos




Mr. Eddian Méndez is an aviation professional with over 20 years of experience in increasingly responsible positions in the provision, supervision and oversight of Air Navigation Services.


Mr. Méndez started his aviation career as an Air Traffic Controller and was rated for tower, non-Radar and RADAR approach and area control.


After accumulating several years in the provision of ATC services, Mr. Méndez moved to the safety oversight part of the Civil Aviation Authority in the Dominican Republic, working in the development of regulation and supervision of air navigation services. Subsequently, he was in charge of the accident and incident investigation analysis processes and the supervision of safety management systems, at the State level and from service providers.


Mr. Méndez is a Computer Science Engineer with Masters degrees in both Quality Management System and Public Administration.


Since 2017, Mr. Méndez has been working as the Air Traffic Management and Search and Rescue Regional Officer for the ICAO North American, Central America and Caribbean Regional Office.


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