Returning to Ops Normal - Moving back from Alleviations to the SARPs



13 January 2021, 0900 MTL



Registration is now closed.  Recording of the webinar is available here.



In the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, States were unable to meet the requirements of certain Standards in various Annexes and granted alleviations to allow the operation to continue.  The end date for such alleviations is planned for 31 March 2021 and this webinar looks at the growing guidance available to help States transition back towards compliance with the SARPs.



States, Service Providers, Industry



Ian Knowles

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Michelle Millar

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Ian Knowles

Ian Knowles is a Technical Officer in the Operational Safety Section of the  ICAO Air Navigation Bureau, primarily responsible for aspects relating to flight operations, including support of the Flight Ops Panel and maintaining Annex 6 provisions for the operation of aircraft.


Prior to joining ICAO, he was a Captain on the A320 for British Airways. He has worked in aviation since 1996, initially as an operational research analyst, also for British Airways.


Michelle Millar

Dr. Michelle Millar is a Technical Officer (Human Performance) at ICAO. She heads the ICAO Human Performance Task Force, the Fatigue Management Task Force and coordinates the development of HP-related Standards and guidance material.


She has an academic background in organizational psychology, with a specialization in sleep, fatigue and performance. She has previous work experience as a research scientist, a university lecturer and as a policy developer and consultant for a civil aviation authority.


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