Regional Cooperation in Times of Crisis


4 June 2020 at 09:00 AM (Montreal time)



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Until just recently, the aviation community was facing major challenges in order to find ways to adapt to the rapid pace of new technologies, as well as the need to provide an effective oversight by the Civil Aviation Authorities.  For over a decade, regional collaboration through such mechanisms as Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs), and COSCAPs have been  effective in supporting States with these challenges, thus strengthening global aviation safety as a whole. 


With the unexpected and unprecedented impact of COVID-19, ICAO is working with the aviation community to find the appropriate mitigation strategies for the fast, effective and safe recovery of industry. One of the most important principles of this recovery is the harmonization of those mitigation strategies. More than ever, the relevance of RSOOs as the enablers of such harmonized mitigations is crucial.


This webinar will discuss the importance of regional cooperation and the role of RSOOs to support Member States in times of crisis.



Regional Safety Oversight Organizations, COSCAPs, Civil Aviation Authorities,  International and Regional Organizations and Associations



Captain Miguel Ramos




Airline Pilot for over 18 years in Mexicana and LACSA, Capt. Ramos developed the first safety programme for the Costarrican airline that was merged into a regional air carrier for the Central America region. He holds a certificate in "Aviation Safety" from the University of Southern California and the "Civil Aviation Management" from the Singapore Aviation Academy.


In 1998 he was appointed as Director General of Civil Aviation in Costa Rica, responsible of restructuring the whole aeronautical authority. During his tenure, the Central American Aviation Safety Agency (ACSA) was established and new Costa Rican regulations were adopted later by the rest of the Central American States which now are known as MRACS.


From 2001 to 2004 he was appointed as the Representative of Costa Rica to the ICAO Council. In March 2005, he joined the ICAO Secretariat as a Technical Officer assigned to the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Section of the Air Navigation Bureau. Since 2006, Capt. Ramos has conducted as lead instructor, more than 60 safety management training courses for States and service providers, worldwide. Training coordinator of the ICAO Aviation Safety Training (AST) Section from 2010-and from August, 2014-2017 assigned as technical officer to the RPAS programme. Since 2018, he has been the Programme Manager of the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS) and the RSOO Cooperative Platform in charge of re-designing both programmes.


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