Repurposing Aircraft Passenger Cabin for Transport of Cargo




Obtain an online certificate and build your knowledge on the Repurposing Aircraft Passenger Cabin for Transport of Cargo!


In this course you will learn to identify and analyze relevant ICAO provisions and best practices from States and industry for transporting cargo in passenger cabins. 

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Repurposing Aircraft Passenger Cabin for Transport of Cargo​2 Hours- Online Certificate

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USD $150 (*State employees)

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This course is part of the Key Competencies Programme (KCP), a new series of online training courses based on ICAO TV webinar themes and topics to address COVID-19 issues.



5 May 2020, 0900 EDT (Montreal time)



Registration is now closed. Recording is now available here.






The restrictions  related to COVID-19 has increased dramatically the need for goods to be shipped by air. The availability of passenger aircraft provides the opportunity of using the passenger cabin to transport cargo. This webinar provides information on that activity and considerations related to operational safety.



States, Service Providers, Industry



Ms. Maimuna Taal


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Ms Maimuna Taal is the Technical Officer Airworthiness at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). She Joined the Operations section of the Air Navigation Bureau in September 2015. She is an Aerospace Engineer and a holder of an Airframe and Powerplant Engineer License from the US Federal Aviation Administration.


 Ms Taal has extensive knowledge of ICAO provisions related to the airworthiness of aircraft and has over 20 years of experience in the field of Civil Aviation Safety oversight related to continuing airworthiness. She rose through the ranks of the Gambian Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to the post of Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority where she was responsible for the full range of aviation regulatory activities. Ms. Taal served in various positions as Consultant and Adviser with ICAO.


Ms Taal is a recipient of the 2007 Flight Safety Foundation President's Citation for her work in improving aviation safety in Africa.



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