Supersonic Aircraft Noise Standards Development

ICAO continues its efforts towards developing a Standard for future supersonic aircraft, and discussions continue on the sonic boom measurement schemes and procedures for future supersonic aircraft. The goal of the procedures formulation effort is to establish technical flight test procedures for supersonic noise certification. These would be in addition to the certification requirements for the subsonic local airport conditions.​ During the CAEP/11 cycle, progress has been made on identifying certification measurement locations for assessing sonic boom noise on the ground; selecting an appropriate noise metric for use in a Standard that assesses sonic boom noise and shows favourable correlation between outdoor measurement and indoor human response; and evaluating the benefits of using sonic boom predictions in supersonic noise certification in addition to physical measurements. Research Focal Points (RFPs) also continue to inform the work of CAEP with details on important research associated with supersonic flight and guide the selection of metrics and measurement locations.


It is anticipated that the certification of a supersonic aeroplane could occur in the 2020-2025 timeframe.​

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