ICAO-UNDP Project Components

The ICAO-UNDP Project was comprised of four components:


  1. Identified low emissions aviation measures in developing States and SIDS
    • Supported Developing States and SIDS to identify low emissions measures that are feasible for them

    • Developed a guidance document on the costs and environmental benefits of the basket of measures indicated in ICAO Document 9988, Guidance on the Development of States' Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities
  2. Supported developing States and SIDS to strengthen their national capacities and improve their national processes and mechanisms for the reduction of aviation emissions
    • Instruments were made available to support the development of a legal and regulatory environment that facilitated States in the financing of feasible low emissions mitigation measures

    • Developed four guidance documents to promote low emissions aviation in Developing States and SIDS
  3. Established a technical support platform for the implementation of low emissions measures
    • The cost and resources expended by ICAO Developing States and SIDS to have access to updated technical information on low emissions mitigation measures was greatly minimized
  4. Demonstrated low emissions aviation measures in developing States and SIDS
    • The feasibility of implementation for low emissions aviation measures was demonstrated through a pilot project in Jamaica and lessons learnt were made available to facilitate the replication of similar projects in other Developing States and SIDS




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