Objective 3: Mitigation Measures


An integral element of an action plan is the identification of measures that will be implemented in order to achieve CO2 emissions reductions and/or improve fuel efficiency. Chapter 4 of the ICAO Doc 9988: Guidance on the Development of States' Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities provides more information on how to put together a basket of measures that is suited to a State's circumstances.

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At the time of the ICAO-EU Project, ​​ICAO had identified a set of mitigation measures classified in the following categories:


a) aircraft-related technology development;
b) alternative fuels;
c) improved air traffic management and related  infrastructure use;

d) more efficient operations;

e) airport improvements;

f) economic/market-based measures; and
g) regulatory measures/other.
Following the submission of the State Action Plans, ICAO supported the selected States in the implementation of their mitigation measures by providing guidance, preparing feasibility studies and
by facilitating access to financial resources through partnerships with international financial organizations that were interested in supporting this type of sustainable development initiative.
The feasibility studies developed under the ICAO-EU Project are available on the ICAO-European Union (EU) Assistance Project homepage. 
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