Climate Change: Climate Risk Assessment, Adaptation and Resilience

As ICAO member States and stakeholder organisations are expressing increasing concerns about the potential impacts of climate change for their aviation infrastructure, performing a climate change risk assessment and implementing an adaptation plan are key steps to increase resilience and identify vulnerabilities threatening States or organisations.


Building on the 2018 ICAO Climate Adaptation Synthesis report, this report aims to provide support to States and aviation organisations to adapt and build resilience to the risks of climate change. It provides guidance on performing a climate change risk assessment and on developing and implementing a climate change adaptation plan, an overview of key climate change vulnerabilities which a State or organisation may be at risk from, and a menu of potential adaptation options for States and organisations to consider.


It is intended for use by airports, aircraft operators and air navigation service providers (ANSP) across the global aviation network. It can also be used at the national and international level by States that are engaging in climate change risk assessment of their aviation sector either as an aviation-specific risk assessment or as part of a wider national or transportation sector risk assessment and adaptation plan.


The report consists of three interconnected but standalone documents:

Key Steps for Aviation Organisation Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning

T​his document sets out a step-by-step process divided into two stages, "Risk Assessment" and "Adaptation Planning", to carry out a climate change risk assessment and develop and implement a climate change adaptation plan. This process can be scaled and utilized by States and organisations of any size or structure.

Key Climate Change Vulnerabilities for Aviation Organisations

T​his document provides an overview Key Climate Change Vulnerabilities for Aviation Organisations for the four climate change impacts categories which respondents to the 2018 ICAO Climate Adaptation Synthesis Report stakeholder survey identified as the climate impacts categories they expect to be most affected by. These are: Higher Average and Extreme Temperatures, Changing Precipitation, Increased Intensity of Storms, and Sea Level Rise. For each organisation type (airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators), the document presents a breakdown of potential effects by impact category.

Menu of Adaptation Options

The document provides a menu of possible adaptation options which States and organisations can consider and select from to adapt to and build resilience against identified vulnerabilities. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) can face specific climate change vulnerabilities, especially due to storms and sea level rise, which makes adaptation measures particularly important. In the Menu adaptation options which may be critical for SIDS are indicated with a “SIDS” marker

Additional Resources List of the Climate Risk Assessment, Adaptation and Resilience Report is available here.


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