The main aim of Working Group 3 (WG3, Emissions Technical) is to keep ICAO engine emissions and aeroplane CO2 emissions certification standards (Annex 16, Volume II and Volume III respectively) up to date and effective, while ensuring that the certification procedures are as simple and inexpensive as possible. The CAEP working groups liaise on the interdependencies of ICAO environmental Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), and WG3 provides advice on the emissions aspects associated with the ICAO global environmental trends and local air quality analysis.

Current work:

The WG3 work programme for the CAEP/12 cycle (2019-2022) includes various topics such as:

  • Supersonics – contribute to an exploratory study  on supersonic aircraft by  providing estimates on LTO engine emissions as well as aeroplane fuel burn and CO2 emissions data (cruise and full-flight), subject to feasibility assessment, and by providing information regarding trades among noise, emissions, fuel burn, and Mach number.
  • Monitor trends in supersonic technology and assess consequences for engine emissions, aeroplane CO2 emissions and certification standards.
  • Emission certification databases - maintain aeroplane CO2 certification database and engine emissions certification databank.
  • Review of CO2 information - Monitor, review and analyze latest CO2 information for subsonic aeroplanes and any available certification data. Based on the analysis, assess margin relative to the CO2 subsonic standard.
  • – Review of nvPM regulatory levels, including the collation and analysis of the certified and certification-like nvPM mass and number emissions data that becomes available for all in-production engines
  • Fuel composition and emissions – monitor trends in aviation fuel supply composition of petroleum-based kerosene, blended and sustainable fuel types.

Main publications (Reference publications):

  • Annex 16 – Volume II, Aircraft Engine Emissions (Fourth Edition, July 2017)
  • Annex 16 – Volume III, Aeroplane CO2 Emissions (First Edition, July 2017)
  • Doc 9501 – Environmental Technical Manual, Volume II – Procedures for the Emission Certification of Aircraft Engines (Third Edition, 2018)
  • Doc 9501 – Environmental Technical Manual, Volume III – Procedures for the CO2 Emissions Certification of Aeroplanes (First Edition, 2018)
  • Doc 9884 – Guidance on aircraft emission charges related to local air quality (2007)
  • Doc 9887 – Report of the Independent Experts on the LTTG NOx Review and Medium and Long Term Technology Goals for NOx (2008)
  • Doc 9953 – Report of the Independent Experts to CAEP/8 on the Second NOx Review and the Establishment of Medium and Long Term Technology Goals for NOx (2010)
  • Doc 9963 – Report of the Independent Experts on the Medium and Long Term Goals for Aviation Fuel Burn Reduction From Technology (2010)

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