CAEP Modelling and Databases Group


The CAEP Modelling and Databases Group synthesizes the input provided from the technical working groups and the Forecasting and Economic Analysis Support Group (FESG) to provide results suitable for decision making and public information. Typical analyses include the projection of future environmental trends, the evaluation of stringency options for environmental Standards, and environmental benefits associated with proposed measures. The group's work is carried out through the use of the most sophisticated aviation local air quality, noise, and greenhouse gas emissions models available worldwide and related databases.

Current work:

The MDG work programme for the CAEP/12 cycle (2019-2022) includes various topics such as:

  • Supersonics – contribute to an exploratory study to provide CAEP with a better understanding of aircraft noise impacts resulting from the introduction of supersonic aircraft.
  • Environmental trends projection – conduct an updated trends projection for noise, NOx, PM, fuel burn, and CO2.
  • Existing model and database management – maintain version control of models and databases used in support of specific CAEP analyses.
  • Evaluation process of the new candidate models and tools.
  • Maintenance of ICAO Doc 9911 (Recommended Method for Computing Noise Contours Around Airports) and support for other relevant ICAO documents, as requested through the coordination with other working groups.

Main publications (Reference publications):

  • Trends assessment as the basis for decision-making on environmental matters (37th, 38th, 39th and 40th Sessions of ICAO Assembly).
  • Doc 9889 – Airport Air Quality Manual.
  • Doc 9911 – Recommended Method for Computing Noise Contours Around Airports.
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