Benefits for CORSIA participation


In addition to the fundamental importance that States attribute to the protection of environment and in particular the importance of taking action to tackle climate change, 3 key reasons for joining CORSIA are: 

  1. Climate change is a global problem, which requires global efforts. The CORSIA is a global scheme for the global international aviation industry. The more States join the CORSIA, the more emissions are covered by the scheme (higher environmental integrity is achieved). Each State participating in the CORSIA brings us closer to meeting the ICAO global aspirational goal of carbon neutral growth from 2020. Even if a State does not have aircraft operators registered in the State (and therefore no compliance cost is incurred), the State's participation in the scheme will add those routes operated by foreign aircraft operators between the State and other participating States, thus increasing the overall emissions coverage of the scheme.  States with particular interest in eco-tourism would also benefit from greening their  air transport connection.
  2. States that voluntarily participate in the pilot phase of the CORSIA (from 2021 through 2023) and require assistance will be given priority to the capacity building and assistance, with a view to enabling the smooth implementation of the CORSIA and also under the spirit of the "No Country Left Behind" initiative. Building upon the experience in previous capacity building and assistance initiatives, this can create further synergies for the improvement of the overall environmental performance in those States.
  3. Assembly Resolution A39-3​ requests the Council to promote the use of emissions units that benefit developing States. Participating in the CORSIA will increase the demand for the emissions units to be purchased by aircraft operators, thus increasing incentives to invest in emissions reduction projects in the participating States. ​

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