Eighth Meeting of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Directors

of Civil Aviation (NACC/DCA/08)

Ottawa, Canada, 31 July  to 2 August 2018



​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
​Order of Business No. 1
​Order of Business No. 2
​Order of Business No. 3​​

​Final Report


Seventh Meeting of the RLA/09/801 Multi-Regional Civil Aviation Assistance Programme (MCAAP) Project Steering Committee (RLA/09/801 PSC/7) - Click here for the documentation



3​Panel 1, Presented by the Secretariat​23/07/18
​6.1​Panel  2, Presented by the Secretariat​23/07/18
​6.1​Panel 3, Presented by the Secretariat​23/07/18




Working Papers

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
WP/01 Rev 3​1​Agenda and Schedule, Presented by the Secretariat


WP/022​​Follow‐Up on Valid Conclusions and Decisions of NACC/DCA Meetings, Presented by the Secretariat​14/06/18
WP/04​9​Areas of Interest for the Canada at ICAO’S 13th Air Navigation Conference, Presented by Canada​23/07/18
​WP/05​6.4​NAM/CAR/SAM Regional Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP) Roadmap​, Presented by the Secretariat31/07/18​
WP/06​6.4​Developments on Cybersecurity in Aviation Security, Presented by the Secretariat19/06/18
WP/07​7​Preparation and Update of the States' Action Plans On Co2 Emissions Reduction Activities, Presented by the Secretariat​09/07/18
WP/08​8ICAO’S Work for Economic Development of Air Transport , Presented by the Secretariat​06/07/18
WP/09​8​Implementation of ICAO’s Policies on Charges In Doc 9082 , Presented by IATA and ALTA​18/07/18
WP/10​11​Next NACC/DCA Meeting, Presented by the Secretariat25/05/18
WP/11​11​States Outstanding Contributions to ICAO, Presented by the Secretariat04/07/18​
WP/12​2​Report of the Fourth NAM/CAR Civil Aviation Training Centres Working Group Meeting (NAM/CAR/CATC/WG/4, Presented by the
Rapporteur NAM/CAR/CATC/WG 
WP/13​2​Follow-Up on Valid Conclusions of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Working Group (NACC/WG) and North America, Central America and Caribbean (NAM/CAR) Regions Air Navigation Implementation Working Group (ANI/WG), Presented by the Secretariat​19/06/18
WP/146.4​Report of the ICAO Implementation Support and Development – Security (ISD-SEC) Programme, Presented by the Secretariat22/06/18
WP/15​5​Enhancing Support for the Implementation of Effective Safety Management, Presented by the Secretariat06/07/18​
WP/16​6.4​Recent Developments in Facilitation, Presented by the Secretariat06/07/18​
WP/17​5​Vision and Overview of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP), 2020-2022 Edition , Presented by the Secretariat​09/07/18
WP/18​6.2​NAM/CAR Regional State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation Strategy 2018-2023, Presented by the Secretariat18/07/18
WP/19​9​Areas of Interest for the United States at ICAO’s 13th Air Navigation Conference, Presented by United States​13/07/18
WP/20​6.3​Performance Based Approach Applied to Regional Implementation Planning, Presented by Dominican Republic​16/07/18
WP/21​6.3​FPL ‐ Regional Harmonization And Best Practices, Presented by IATA​13/07/18
WP/22​8​Promotion of Sustainable Airport Governance,Presented by IATA​13/07/18
WP/23​6.3​NACC/DCA Collaborative Framework of Stakeholder Engagement for all Infrastructure Development Projects, Presented by IATA​13/07/18
WP/24​6.3​Regional and State air navigation plans in the ICAO NACC States, Presented by United States18/07/18​


Information Papers

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
IP/01​​--​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat27/07/18
​IP/02​2​Valid Conclusions and Decisions From Regional Implementation Groups Meetings , Presented by the Secretariat​28/06/17
​IP/03​6.2​Progress Status of the Central Progress Status of the Central American Safety Events Analysis Program (PASOC) , Presented by the Secretariat​14/07/18



4.3.1​​Reporte de los avances de Cuba en la implementación efectiva del Programa Universal de Auditoría de la Vigilancia de la Seguridad Operacional (available in Spanish only), Presented by Cuba​23/07/18​--



​1​Estado de Cumplimiento por Cuba de las Metas Regionales de Seguridad Operacional y Navegación Aérea Acordadas en Puerto España Relacionada a la Certificación De Aeródromos, Presented by Cuba ​23/07/18​--



​4.5.1​Principales Logros de Cuba en los Servicios de Navegación Aérea (available in Spanish only), Presented by Cuba ​23/07/18​--



​4.5.1​Estado de Avance de COCESNA en los Servicios de Navegación Aérea ), Presented by COCESNA23/07/18​--
​IP/08​6.4​Recent Developments in Aviation Security, Presented by the Secretariat06/07/18
IP/09​​11​Draft 2019 ICAO NACC Regional Office Calendar of Events,         Presented by the Secretariat​26/07/18
​IP/10​6.3​UAS Integration Pilot Program, Presented by United States12/07/18​--
IP/11​9​Recent  Progress  on  Remote  Piloted  Aircraft  System(RPAS)  and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)09/07/18
​IP/12​6.2​Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) OUT: Ensuring Preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate, Presented by United States​13/07/18--



4.6​Making of a National Air Accident and Incident Investigation Agency in Nicaragua, Presented by Nicaragua23/07/18
​IP/14​6.2​NicaraguanSSP Implementation, Presented by Nicaragua13/07/18
IP/15​2​Implementation and Certification of the Safety Management System (SMS) of the Air Navigation Services Provider in the Dominican Republic, Presented by Dominican Republic16/07/18
​IP/16​6.2​Academia Superior De Ciencias Aeronauticas: Initiatives that Support the States and Service Providers of the Region in the Successful Implementation of State Safety Program (SSP) and Safety Management System (SMS), Presented by Dominican Republic​16/07/18--
​IP/17​6.2​Strategy and Status of Implementation of the State Safety Program of the Dominican Republic, Presented by Dominican Republic16/07/18​--
​IP/18​6.4​Promotionof Cyber Resilience through Global Awareness and Regional Exercises, Presented by United States18/07/16​--
​IP/19​11​37TH Session of the Legal Committee, Presented by the Secretariat23/07/18
IP/20​​6.2​Using targeted inspections as a tool to mitigate risks associated with Unstabilized Approaches, Presented by Canada23/07/18 --
​IP/21​4.6​Regional Aviation Accident Investigation Group (GRIAA), Presented by COCESNA26/07/18​


​6.4​Outcomes of the 2018 FAA Caribbean Initiative Cybersecurity Exercises), Presented by United States 26/07/18​--
​IP/23​6.3​Air Traffic Flow Management Training, Presented by United States26/07/18​--





​4​Accountability and Performance Report of ICAO NACC Regional Office to Member States,  Presented by the Secretariat​--
​P/046.2​​Implementación Regional de la Estrategia del Programa estatal de seguridad operacional(SSP), Presented by the Secretariat​--
​P/056.3​​New CAR Regional Performance-Based Air Navigation Implementation Plan (RPBANIP) Version 4.0,  Presented by the Secretariat​--
​P/06​6.3​ATFM-PBN/SAR Renewed Strategy, Presented by the Secretariat--​
​P/07​9​Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/13), Presented by the Secretariat​--
​P/08​10​Preparation for the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly, Presented by the Secretariat​--



​5​Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS) , Presented by the Secretariat --​
​P/10​5​Global aviation safety plan 2020-2022 edition,  Presented by the Secretariat​-- ​--
​P/11​5​Solutions, Presented by the Secretariat​-- ​--
​P/12​5​Feedback from ICAO Safety Management Symposia and Workshops, Presented by the Secretariat ​--
​P/13​6.2​Nicaragua SSP Implementation, Presented by Nicaragua ​--
​P/14​6.4​Report of the ICAO Implementation Support and Development  - Security (ISD-SEC) Programme, Presented by the Secretariat​-- ​--
P/15​8​Dominican Republic Air Transport Case Study, Presented by the Secretariat​-- ​--
P/16​5​Global Air Navigation Planning, Presented by the Secretariat​--
P/18​5​Global Air Navigation Plan, Presented by the Secretariat​--



​6.3​COCESNA´s experience in support to its Member States and Users with PBN requirements, Presented by COCESNA​--
P/21​6.3​GREPECAS Plan de Trabajo 2019-2022, Presentado por el Presidente del GREPECAS​--​--
P/22​8​The New CARICOM Multilateral Air Services Agreement Concerning the Operation of Air Services within the Caribbean Community, Presented by CARICOM​--​--



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