CNS - Communications, Navigation and Surveillance

Regional Officer: Mayda Ávila

Assistant: Sybil Gómez



Useful Tools 

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Radio Frequency Assignment Lists - CAR Region Link

Regional Assignment of Interrogator Identifier (II) Codes


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CARSAM Regional Program for the implementation of the Air Ground Data Links​
CARSAM Regional Activities Plan for Planning and Implementation of Air Ground Data Links​
CARSAM Regional Strategy for the deployment of the ATN and its applications​
Guidelines on Performance of VSAT Networks​
IPv4 Addressing Scheme Ver 1.1 — NAM/CAR Regions Inter/Intra Regional G-G Links​
IPv4 Addressing Scheme — SAM Region Inter/Intra Regional G-G Links​
AMHS Register for the CAR/NAM Regions​
Proposal for CAAS Addresses for the CAR Region​


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CAR Regions AMHS Implementation Matrix​, Ver. ANIWG/3
AMHS Interoperability Test Plan v1.0​
AMHS Implementation Workshop Web Page​ 2012 Link
III Workshop/Meeting on the Follow-up to the Implementation of the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) in the NAM/CAR Regions (III AMHS-IMP) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 24 to 26 September 2013 Link
Draft Technical Letter of Agreement for AMHS​
FAA Transition Process​ for AMHS implementation
ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) Users Training Including AMC Phase 2 functions


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CAR/SAM Strategy for the Evolution of Air Navigation Systems — First Edition, Rev 2.0​
Guidelines for the Preparation of a GNSS Training Programme


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Drafs Elements for a Regional Strategy for Surveillance Systems
Sample 24-bits Aircraft address Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC)​
Surveillance Strategy for the CAR/SAM Regions — First Edition, Rev 2.0​
ASTERIX SAC Code Assignment Plan to the CAR/SAM Regions​

 ADS- Actitivities

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CARSAM Regional Strategy for the ADS-B Systems Implementation
Potential Air Space to implement ADS-C and ADS-B​
Activities to be considered for ADS-B Trial​
​PoCs List​--
Action Plan / Plan de Acción (Actualizado / Update)​
ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation  2011 – Summary of Discussion​ Link
ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation  2014 - Summary of Discussion Link
ASTERIX Category 21: ADS-B Messages​
FAA ADS-B benefits​
USA Final Rule for ADS-B​
ADS-B summary of activities in the USA​
ADS-B implementation in Asia Pacific​
Cost benefit Information​



Automation (AIDC, CPDLC, and other System applications) 

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Guidelines for ATM Automated Systems / Directrices para Sistemas Automatizados ATM ​--
ATS Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC)
​AIDC Regional Plan ​--
​AIDC Implementation Checklist​--
​Sample Letter of Agreement for AIDC Implementation
Interface Control Document for Data Communications Between ATS Units in the Caribbean and South American Regions (CAR/SAM ICD). Version 1.0 – 13 November 2006​ ​--
North American (NAM) Common Coordination Interface Control Document (ICD)
VOLUME 1: Area Control Center (ACC) to ACC​
Orientacion General Oct 2011- Implementación del AIDC y Aplicaciones por Enlace de Datos (ADS y CPDLC)​ ​--  
​CPDLC Implementation Considerations ​--
​CPDLC/ADS-C Implementation Action Plan ​--


CNS Links

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MEVA III Network / Red MEVA III Link
ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN)​ Link
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