CNS - Communications, Navigation and Surveillance

Regional Officer: Mayda Ávila

Assistant: Gabriel Gutiérrez



Useful Tools

Radio Frequency Assignment Lists - CAR Region Link

Regional Assignment of Interrogator Identifier (II) Codes


CARSAM Regional Program for the implementation of the Air Ground Data Links
CARSAM Regional Activities Plan for Planning and Implementation of Air Ground Data Links
CARSAM Regional Strategy for the deployment of the ATN and its applications
Guidelines on Performance of VSAT Networks
IPv4 Addressing Scheme Ver 1.1 — NAM/CAR Regions Inter/Intra Regional G-G Links
IPv4 Addressing Scheme — SAM Region Inter/Intra Regional G-G Links
AMHS Register for the CAR/NAM Regions
Proposal for CAAS Addresses for the CAR Region


CAR Regions AMHS Implementation Matrix, Ver. ANIWG/3
AMHS Interoperability Test Plan v1.0
AMHS Implementation Workshop Web Page 2012 Link
III Workshop/Meeting on the Follow-up to the Implementation of the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) in the NAM/CAR Regions (III AMHS-IMP) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 24 to 26 September 2013 Link
Draft Technical Letter of Agreement for AMHS
FAA Transition Process for AMHS implementation
ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) Users Training Including AMC Phase 2 functions


CAR/SAM Strategy for the Evolution of Air Navigation Systems — First Edition, Rev 2.0
Guidelines for the Preparation of a GNSS Training Programme


Drafs Elements for a Regional Strategy for Surveillance Systems
Sample 24-bits Aircraft address Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC)
Surveillance Strategy for the CAR/SAM Regions — First Edition, Rev 2.0
ASTERIX SAC Code Assignment Plan to the CAR/SAM Regions

ADS- Actitivities

CARSAM Regional Strategy for the ADS-B Systems Implementation
Potential Air Space to implement ADS-C and ADS-B
Activities to be considered for ADS-B Trial
PoCs List
Action Plan / Plan de Acción (Actualizado / Update)
ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation  2011 – Summary of Discussion Link
ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation  2014 - Summary of Discussion Link
ASTERIX Category 21: ADS-B Messages
FAA ADS-B benefits
USA Final Rule for ADS-B
ADS-B summary of activities in the USA
ADS-B implementation in Asia Pacific
Cost benefit Information



Automation (AIDC, CPDLC, and other System applications)

Guidelines for ATM Automated Systems / Directrices para Sistemas Automatizados ATM
ATS Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC)
AIDC Regional Plan
AIDC Implementation Checklist
Sample Letter of Agreement for AIDC Implementation
Interface Control Document for Data Communications Between ATS Units in the Caribbean and South American Regions (CAR/SAM ICD). Version 1.0 – 13 November 2006
North American (NAM) Common Coordination Interface Control Document (ICD)
VOLUME 1: Area Control Center (ACC) to ACC
Orientacion General Oct 2011- Implementación del AIDC y Aplicaciones por Enlace de Datos (ADS y CPDLC)
CPDLC Implementation Considerations
CPDLC/ADS-C Implementation Action Plan


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MEVA III Network / Red MEVA III Link
ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Link
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