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 ICAO/FAA Workshop on ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation
 ICAO NACC Regional Office, México City, México, 6 to 8 September 2011


Draft Programme
Summary of discussions
List of participants​
​Group photo


01​--​ICAO concepts and references regarding ADS-B/MLAT and other surveillance techniques (ICAO)​06/09/11​
04​--​ADSB, WAM, MLAT implementations. ADSB/WAM integration with Indra’s ATC Systems​, (INDRA)06/09/11​​
05​--​Implementation of MLAT/ADS-B Systems​, (ERA)06/09/11​​
06​--​ADS-B 1090 ES development and implementation experience​, (VNIRAOVD JSC)06/09/11​​
07​--​Operational/Technical ADS-B and Multilateration Implementation, (THALES)​06/09/11​​
08​--​ADS-B and Multilateration Integration in the U.S. NextGen Surveillance System - The role of the Integrator, (ITT)​06/09/11​​
09​--​Avionics Solutions for ADS-B​, (Honeywell)06/09/11​​
10​--​Guidelines for ADS-B/MLT Implementation, Regional CAR/SAM and References on Working Groups in NAM/CAR Regions, (ICAO)​07/09/11​​
11​--​US ADS-B Update, (FAA)​07/09/11​​​
15​--​Surveillance alternatives and standards (radar, multilateration, and ADS-B)​, (FAA)07/09/11​​​
16​--​ADS-B implementation in the Asia Pacific Region, (CANSO)​07/09/11​​​
17​--​ADS-B / MLAT Trials, (Jamaica)​07/09/11​​​
18​--​ADS-B en Cuba, (Cuba)​07/09/11​​​
19​--​Experience on Installation of ADS-B Sensor at Mexico City Airport, (SENEAM) 08/09/11​​​
20​--​Ensayos sobreVigilancia DependienteAutomática (ADS) en la FIR Centroamericana​, (COCESNA) 07/09/11​​​
21​--​Workshop Tasks Work Sessions Description, (ICAO)​08/09/11​​​


Other Documents  


14​--​Benefits of CNS/ATM Implementation for the Region, (IATA)​07/09/11​
22--​Presentation on ADS-B and MLAT products, (Sensis)08/09/11​​​
23​--​Presentation on ADS-B developments in Asia/PAC, (CAAS)​08/09/11​
24​--​AX680 and MAGS Products, (THALES)​08/09/11​
25​--​Datos extraídos y análisis, (Cuba)​08/09/11​
--​--​CARSAM Regional Strategy for the ADS-B Systems Implementation​--​
--​--​Draft Elements for a Regional Strategy for Surveillance Systems​--​
--​--​Potential Air Space to implement ADS-C and ADS-B ​--​
--​--​Activities to be considered for ADS-B Trial​--​
--​--​Surveillance Strategy for the CAR/SAM Regions — First Edition, Rev 2.0​--​




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