The CAR/SAM Regional Planning and Implementation Group (GREPECAS) was set up by the Council of ICAO, in 1990, as recommended by the Second CAR/SAM Regional Air Navigation Meeting, 1989. (Action by Council on Recommendation 14/6 of the CAR/SAM/2 RAN Meeting is set out in Supplement No. 1 to Doc 9543, CAR/SAM/2).
The ICAO Council agreed, during its 183 Session, that all States to which the Regional Office is accredited and are provider of services in that air navigation region will be members of that Regional Office's PIRG.

Based on Recommendation 14/6 of the CAR/SAM/2 RAN Meeting which was approved by the Council of ICAO and additional changes made by GEPECAS this Section sets out the GREPECAS Terms of Reference, its composition and its position in ICAO, the guidelines which should govern its working arrangements (including relations with States, International Organizations and ICAO specialized regional bodies), and the Rules of Procedure for the conduct of its meetings and those of its Contributory Bodies.

The eighth meeting of the GREPECAS Administration Coordination Group (ACG/8) (Mexico City, Mexico, 26-27 January 2011) analysed the need to restructure GREPECAS and its contributory bodies in order to create a result-oriented organisation that is better aligned with current ICAO objectives, methodology, and budget restrictions,applying a project-based work methodology.

GREPECAS through Decision 16/45 - New GREPECAS Organisation, and Decision 16/47 - Transformation of the GREPECAS subgroups, approved the transformation of the GREPECAS AERMET, AGA/AOP, AIM and CNS/ATM Subgroups and their respective Task Forces into programmes and projects.

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