The CAR/SAM Planning and Implementation Regional Group (GREPECAS) is responsible for the development and maintenance of air navigation plans and provides for the planning and implementation of air navigation systems within specific areas, in accordance with the planning frameworks agreed at the global and regional levels.

GREPECAS was established by the ICAO Council in 1990 as recommended by the Second CAR/SAM Regional Air Navigation Meeting in 1989 (action by Council on Recommendation 14/6 of the CAR/SAM/2 RAN Meeting, Santiago de Chile).


Currently, GREPECAS has held 19 Plenary Meetings, which have reviewed and updated of all air navigation implementation issues, both assisted by the urgent issues of the COVID Pandemic, as well as the monitoring of the projects and the different activities for the implementation of air navigation in the CAR/SAM Regions. GREPECAS has also reviewed the improvements achieved in its working mechanism and has followed the continuation of coordination with the Regional Aviation Safety Group–Pan America (RASG-PA).

Moreover, the GREPECAS Programmes and Projects Committee (PPRC) is the contributory body of the Planning and Implementation Regional Group (PIRG). Its mission is to authorize the implementation of a Project, monitor the approved project programme, and close it when it considers that the objectives have been achieved.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, four virtual meetings of the PPRC (called ePPRCs) were held to follow up on the Projects. In these meetings, guidance was provided for the review, analysis and adoption of Conclusions/ Decisions to ensure that the current projects are still valid seeking to positively influence the implementation of air navigation in the region.


Furthermore, the PPRC05, through Conclusion PPRC/05-10, instructed the Secretariat to process the approval of Vol. III of the CAR/SAM e-ANP by the third quarter of 2020. Since then, GREPECAS through its ePPRC Meetings has been preparing the work and activities to comply with the development of the Regional CAR/SAM Air Navigation Plan (ANP) Vol. III.

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