The North American, Central American and Caribbean Working Group (NACC/WG) is the regional implementation mechanism of the region, which integrates all the Task Forces in the different air navigation areas and is the mechanism through which the region reports its implementation level.

During the Sixth Meeting of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Working Group (NACC/WG/06) in August 2021, the CONCLUSION NACC/WG/06/11 “REPLACEMENT OF THE ANI/WG BY THE NACC/WG” was adopted, eliminating the ANI/WG Task Group by a single NACC/WG Task Group that integrates all air navigation areas, with the aim of making air navigation services (ANS) work more efficient and integrated between the States of the regions NAM/CAR, and merge the ongoing work of the States for a better implementation in the areas of air navigation.

During the Tenth North American, Central American and Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation Meeting (NACC/DCA/10) the directors of the NAM/CAR regions requested that the NACC/WG ensure that they coordinate actions in the areas of air navigation, support to the States in their regional planning and implementation processes with the objective of increasing the participation of the States, and maximizing the benefits for the State in the projects and initiatives for the implementation of air navigation.

The NACC/WG integrates the Task Groups of the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) areas, and joint tasks with the Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) and Meteorology (MET).


Chairman: Mr. Julio Mejía (Dominican Republic)

Vice Chairman: Mr. Rohan Garib (Trinidad and Tobago)

ICAO Coordinators: Mrs. Mayda Ávila and Mr. Eddian Méndez (ICAO NACC)




Terms of Reference

Work Programme

Points of Contact

Rotational Scheme

Action Plans

Task Forces









Meeting Documentation and  Reports

Meetings ANI/WG
Final Report 

ANI/WG/1, Mexico City, Mexico, 29 July to 1 August 2013

ANI/WG/2, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 1 to 4 June 2015

ANI/WG/3Mexico City, Mexico, 4 to 6 April 2016 

ANI/WG/4, Miami, United States, 21 – 24 August 2018

ANI/WG/5, Mexico City, Mexico,  27 – 31 May 2019

Meetings  NACC/WG
Final Report 

NACC/WG/4, Ottawa, Canada, 24-28 March 2014 

NACC/WG/5, Trinidad and Tobago, 22-26 May 2017
NACC/WG/6, Online 25 - 27 August 2021
NACC/WG/7, ICAO NACC Regional Office,CDMX, Mexico, 29 August – 1 September 2022

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